Why Is Singapore So Safe?

Singapore has been praised as one of the safest places in the world. The crime rate in Singapore is actually so minimal that you can literally leave your possessions on a bus or in the middle of the sidewalk and you will most likely find it in the exact same spot, untouched.

Female locals and visitors alike, feel safe enough to walk alone at odd times of the night because there are hardly cases of mugging or harassment in this part of the world. This level of security obviously is the result of certain factors, and in the rest of this article, we focus on why Singapore happens to be this way.

Total insistence on the law discourages misconduct

Citizens as well as foreigners move cautiously in the country and avoid all sorts of crimes since they are aware that once they commit one, they will be quickly detected. Disparate from many other places where one can still escape minor offenses by simply being remorseful or dropping a small bribe into the hands of law enforcers, it’s not the practice in Singapore. 


Self-discipline has been extremely crucial in reducing the rate of wrong-doing in the country. Generally, Singaporeans have been nurtured to be more responsible for their actions. And as such, they ensure that their endeavors are morally acceptable. They are conscious of the fact that committing any kind of offense, even those that are perceived to be petty will either attract a fine, some corporal punishment, jail term or even worse. This knowledge keeps them on their toes and deters them from pursuing unlawful activities. Discipline is entrenched in them right from the early stages of life through punishments in school and home. Owing to this, most of them grow up to be law-abiding citizens.

Adequate Remuneration

In settings where there is poverty or uneven distribution of resources, there is the likelihood of increased criminality. This factor is however taken care of in this world-class economy and is perhaps one of the main reasons it is also very safe. Employees in Singapore are well-paid. By virtue of this, they do not necessarily have enough incentive to indulge in unlawful activities to be financially satisfied.

Effective Law Enforcement and Camera Visibility

Another reason this Southeast Asian state is secure is the overall efficiency of the law enforcement system as well as the watchful eye of technology. CCTV cameras installed in nearly every place complemented by the swift action of police officers ensures that criminals are caught as quickly as possible. The mere awareness that there’s always an eye watching close by and a reliable team to arrest offenders dissuades potential criminals from breaking the law.

Again, unlike other places where people refuse to act in the face of crime, most Singaporeans are quick to report any occurrence to foster a safe environment. Their trust that there is a reliable legal system and officers to respond whenever they call gives them the confidence to uproot all traces of crime and the perpetrators from their neighborhoods.


Succinctly put, Singapore has a minimal crime rate due to the following reasons: strict and efficient law implementation, decent economy as well as human collaboration. Though most of the laws are considered harsh and instigate an atmosphere of fear, they have undoubtedly proven to be effective over the years.

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