Where Can I Smoke in Singapore?

Smoking in Singapore

As time progresses, Singapore has also been progressively expanding the areas in which smoking is not allowed. However, there are some spaces and places where such is okay.

As a general rule of thumb, when you are in any public facility or institution in Singapore, you should not light one up without first looking for a designated-smoking area. However, there are some general places where one can smoke freely. For instance, individuals are free to smoke on Singapore’s beaches. Also within residential estates and town centers such is allowed, so long as the area is open air. The same goes for walkways and car parks (if it’s a multi-storey car park then only on the top deck). Also, individuals can of course smoke in their own homes or vehicles. However, in the latter case, if said vehicle is situate in an area where smoking is not allowed, then its windows need to be rolled up to the top.

Singapore is a country which is in fact serious about its smoking laws. Therefore it is advisable that if you do find yourself in the Lion City and are not fully cognizant of where smoking is allowed and where it isn’t, the smart thing to do would be to inquire from someone in the know before taking a puff.

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