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Jobs in Singapore

Job Portals, in recent times have found a way to make the tedious process of finding a job or candidate less stressful. As good as this may seem, there are still a few challenges; there are so many of them In Singapore that job seekers and recruiters could ultimately become overwhelmed without the right information. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the top job portals and how they can help Singaporeans find the right categories they are searching for.

Recruit. Net

As its name implies, this job board is perfect for recruiters because of the availability of a large number of job seekers. It makes use of an applicant tracking system that will aid recruiters in managing their budgets as well as in keeping record of their candidate sources.

ST Jobs

This job portal is not only unique in its strategy of offering paid options to recruiters based on the number of job posts, but it is noted for hosting career fairs where employers can meet potential candidates in-person to facilitate the recruitment process more effectively.

Monster Singapore

This is the Singaporean branch of the global job portal with a resume database of over a million job seekers. Companies do not have to bother since they have a variety of pricing options based on resume views and jobs posted.


Gumtree Singapore is widely noted for specializing in entry-level roles, administrative jobs, as well as part-time or temporary opportunities. Jobs can be posted on the site for free to reach highly-qualified candidates.

JobStreet Singapore

As one of the most popular job boards, Job seekers can access this portal for a high number of job posts cutting across about five South East Asia countries. Recruiters also have access to a wider database of resumes and posting options that suit their needs.


Jobiness provides a community for candidates and employees to share vital information on companies, salaries and jobs. It is also an excellent job board for employers looking to promote their work culture by responding to the reviews made.

Indeed Singapore

Indeed Singapore is one of the arms of renowned mega-aggregator and job search engine, Indeed. It has a large resume database with a variety of very useful options for its users. For example, companies can either post jobs/vacant positions for free or sponsored ads through a pay-per-click option.


This global job board is ideal for candidates and recruiters who are looking at reaching a wider range of prospects. Once a job is posted on this board, it will also appear on other boards such as Jobstreet, JobCentral and on their social media pages.

Freelance Zone

Singaporean freelancers and the employers searching for them have an advantage using this job board. Recruiters can post only one free job ad at a time. If they want to post more than one job ad however, there is a payment option available.


This top job board is versatile because of the opportunities available in helping job seekers find employment. It also fosters an environment where recruiters can post offers, and both parties can create partnerships and discuss investments. Its profile search feature allows employers to source candidates by targeting specific keywords such as their location and skill set.


Freeboh is one of the best platforms for people searching for part-time jobs in Singapore. It hosts a wide range of available temporary and part-time jobs which normally cut across the hospitality, retail and beauty industry. Its special features include “Bid” which allows seekers to bid for an available work shift, and the “Diary” feature which enables successful candidates to manage their schedules.


This job portal is particularly useful to University, polytechnic and Junior college students searching for internship opportunities. The site exclusively caters to internships while featuring vacancies for shorter training sessions known as externships, which usually take place within one to six weeks.


FastJobs is another part-time and temporary job portal for Singaporeans. It is particularly beneficial to Singaporean Chinese job seekers because of the special feature which allows non-fluent English speakers to view job descriptions entirely in Chinese.


This site specializes in entry level jobs and internships particularly in the technology space. Glints, is well-respected for prioritizing talents by dedicating team members to understand their profiles and thereafter recommend relevant job opportunities to them. Even if they do not have the right opportunity available on their platform, this portal searches and recommends those on other platforms to their pool of talents.

JobisJob India

Though this site is India-based, Singaporean recruiters and candidates alike can freely access it. It is one of the best options for candidates who would like to relocate, and a good way of broadening a search for the most qualified candidate for companies looking to hire in other Asian countries.

This job board happens to be the first referral-based platform in Asia. It has been readily available to Singaporean job seekers for some time now. What makes this portal one of the best is the benefits people can gain from referring a successful candidate. gifts cash rewards of up to $1,000 for referrals which result in a successful hire.


This job board is mainly centered on candidates searching for job opportunities within the creativity niche. Most of the opportunities posted fall within the film, art, music, fashion, and design fields. In addition to these, Cultjobs shares Internship opportunities and jobs related to the administrative, sales, IT and marketing industry.


Although Carousell has a reputation of being one of Singapore’s top online marketplaces, it is also noted for its job portal section which reveals a large number of available temporary job opportunities. This site also gives job seekers and freelancers the chance to advertise their expertise and services for employers to hire with ease.


JobsDB has a wide database of candidates and features several reputable companies. Job seekers have the option of narrowing their job searches to find out specific information about the location, date listed, source and type of job among others.

SG United Jobs

This government initiated job portal was created during the Covid-19 pandemic. It reveals all the short-term positions available in both the Private and Public service industries.

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