Top Instagram Influencers in Singapore

The advent of social media has created numerous opportunities for people to connect with the role models they admire. These role models, or influencers as we call them have gained grounds and become an integral part of the online world in terms of interactions and marketing needs. Singapore has produced a number of famous influencers who have amassed huge audiences mainly on Instagram. Check the list below to see the Top 20 Singaporean Instagram influencers.

1. Steve Butcher @stevebutchertattoos

Steve Butcher began his tattooing career in 2011 and focuses on photo realism as well as colored portraits. He has grown a massive following on his @stevebutchertattoos Instagram account reaching millions of users. He was formerly a tattooist at Auckland City’s Streetwise.

2. Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop @couturenotebook

Before venturing into the Instagram influencer world, Sonia worked as a journalist and has been a contributor for the International Herald Tribunes and Newsweek. Starting her Instagram journey initially as a hobby in 2016, she has built a global audience on her couturenotebook and her luxartasia pages.

3. SGAG @sgagsg

SGAG is one of Singapore’s top Instagram pages. They are noted for sharing short comedic videos as well as hilarious memes which mostly appeal to the country’s audience. It was founded by Adrian Ang and Karl Mak in November 2014.

4. JIANHAO TAN @thejianaotan

Influencer Jianhao Tan is not only popular on Instagram but also on YouTube and is a noted radio personality and actor as well. While his verified Instagram account has garnered about 644,000 followers at the time of this writing, his self-titled YouTube channel has gained a wider audience.

5. Cute Animals @cuteanimalshow

This Singaporean Instagram page is all about animals. It has garnered a substantial following mainly for sharing extremely cute photos of animals including dogs, cats, hamsters, ducks, horses, rabbits among others. The photos are often taken by several photographers and reposted on the page.

6. Brad Lau @ladyironchef

Avid food blogger Brad Lau has built a massive audience on his @ladychefiron Instagram account for posting food-related content, particularly Singaporean cuisine on his pages. He is even more famous online for his foodie website which is ranked among the country’s leading food and travel webpages.

7. ATSUNA MATSUI @atsunamatsui

Atsuna Matsui is widely noted for sharing travel, beauty and fashion related content on her self-titled website which she launched in 2015 and her Instagram page. Her consistent fashion photos, travel vlogs, and design inspiration have helped grow her social media pages.

8. Jeanette Aw @jeanetteaw

Jeanette Aw
Jeanette Aw

Jeanette Aw is not only a renowned actress but one of Singapore’s topmost Instagram influencers. Her Instagram page often features her personal lifestyle photos, as well as fashion and food-related content. In 2006, she was included in the list of Mediacorp’s seven princesses.

9. Wendy Cheng @Xia Xue

Wendy Cheng has built an audience on her Instagram page as well as her blog for posting intriguing content related to Beauty and Parenting. She is often seen posting photos of herself and her children on her page and is best noted by her trademark pink-dyed hair.

10. Rebecca Lim @limrebecca

Award-winning actress Rebecca Lim has won several accolades including Best Actress awards and been recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes in the country. On Instagram, she has built quite a huge following of people who enjoy the photos she posts.

11. Yik Keat @yk

Yik is skilled at photography and is recognized as one of the Country’s top influencers. His verified Instagram page features some of his most innovative photos of beautiful sceneries in the Lion City. He has worked with top brands including the Singapore Tourism Board, Changi Airport, and Adidas.

12. Bobby Mares @itsbobbymares

Bobby frequently shares photos of himself, family and close friends on his Instagram page. He first gained attention using the name My Genuine Find on iTunes, later delving into YouTube. In 2019, he released the songs Only U, and Don’t Wanna Get Over U.

13. @mothershipsg

Among Singapore’s top Instagram influencers is the online news portal, specifically tailored to its citizens. The verified platform which has gained a substantial audience is recognized for posting current affairs, lifestyle, travel, celerity, technology, drama and bizarre news content.

14. Jade Rasif @djjaderasif

Former actress, DJ and YouTube star Jade Rasif is popular for her Disc Jockeying performances, but also well-known on Instagram for her swimwear modeling shots. Her father David Rasif, is noted to be the fugitive lawyer who eluded with his clients’ money valued at about S$11.3 million.

15. Tung Sheng

His Instagram account which boasts of numerous followers is flooded with lifestyle and family photos. Tung Sheng is particularly noted for his luxurious lifestyle and parties he attends. He also posts content related to fashion, travel, entrepreneurship, gaming and food.

16. Arissa Luna @xarissaxcheox

Arissa Cheo happens to be the ex-wife of singer Vanness Wu and the daughter of one of Singapore richest men, Cheo Tong Choon. Her fashion label, Arissa X was launched during the Singapore Fashion Week in 2016. Arissa is an avid dog lover.

17. Yoyo Cao @Yoyokulala

Yoyo has made a name for herself as a famous Singaporean Instagram influencer mainly for posting fashion related content. As one of the most unique fashionistas in the industry, several youth look up to her. It is no surprise that her @yoyokulala Instagram page has attracted several followers.

18. Kim Lim

Singaporean Instagram influencer, actress and model, Kim Lim is the daughter of the country’s 17th richest man, Peter Lim. She has built an empire for herself, being the founder of beauty and lifestyle companies namely Papilla Hair Care, Illumia Medical and Illumia Therapeutics.

19. Andrea Chong

Her @dreachong Instagram page features fashion and lifestyle photos. Andrea is not only a top Instagram influencer, but a professional ice dancer who participated and placed 4th in the 2009 Canadian Ice Dancing Championships along with her partner Guillaume Gfeller.

20. Taufik Batisah @taufikbatisah

Following his victory on the first ever season of Singapore Idol, Taufik has maintained a raving fan base particularly on his Instagram account. Cherished for posting a variety of lifestyle, food, travel, comedy, family, pet and short video content, Taufik’s Instagram page is followed by many.

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