Top Free Advertising Sites in Singapore

Advertising Sites in Singapore

Despite being a small country, Singapore possesses a vibrant and bustling economy. Or stated differently, the nation is quite prosperous, and there are innumerable products and services which are always being bought and sold. Also considering that Singaporeans are a technological people, then it’s no surprise that a good part of this commerce is conducted online. Or stated differently there are a bunch of classified sites in the Lion City, themselves being too many to number one can say. So on this post, we have tasked ourselves with narrowing down that selection to a list of the top free advertising sites Singapore has to offer. And we are confident that whatever you may be looking to buy online, you will find it through one or more of these links.

This site is catered specifically to advertising real estate. This includes not only homes for sales but also all types of rentals. It also has a section dedicated specifically to condominiums. So even though doesn’t advertise a diverse range of products and services, it is an ideal place to browse real estate and housing options. Moreover it is one of the better-designed sites on this list, and they also have their own app.


Adpost is another site on this list which may not be as comprehensive as some of the others. But the categories it does feature, it does so quite meticulously. Also they have perhaps the most-extensive consumer products’ section out there. And to give you an example of just how precise this site is, they have for instance a videogame category. And that category is further broken down into a number of subsections like “Control Pads” and “Memory”. And so it goes for all their listings, including employment. This isn’t one of those types of classifieds’ sites where using its search tool is absolutely necessary, because despite its depth it is very easy to navigate.


Carousell is perhaps the premiere classifieds’ site in Singapore, affording users what we can define as a modern experience. And you can tell just by looking at it that, compared to some of the other entries on this list, its programmers really put a lot of energy into creating a top-notch classifieds’ experience. Indeed Carousell is like an advertisement and social-media site rolled into one. For instance, sellers have avatars which are displayed prominently along with their advertisements. Moreover registered users can actually like ads, with more likes of course increasing a product’s appeal. And you can even register for membership on the site using your already-existing Facebook account. 

So Carousell has taken individual online marketing to a whole new level. And it also comes in mobile app form. However, that being said it may not be for everyone, as some users may prefer more of a text-based approach to classifieds.


Relatively speaking, ChaosAds doesn’t have a lot of postings in the traditional cars, real estate and jobs categories, though in the latter two cases it does possess quite a few.  Rather what this site really offers is a plethora of services and personals listings. In other words, it features a lot of entities who are actually hiring their services out. And said services are categorized. Additionally there is a separate “For Sale” sections which features thousands of items, not services, being sold. And as far as the “Personals” are concerned, there are a lot more postings for “Women Looking for Men” than vice versa.  Many of them are in fact escort services, and there also appears to be a considerable amount of adult content. 

And with that being said it should be noted that apparently there is an ample amount of spam on ChaosAds also, which is perhaps where it derives its name from. Yet we think most interested visitors will still appreciate its diversity. And of course the “Personals” in particular is only suited for adults.

Claseek Singapore

Claseek (Classified Ads SEEK) is a lot more colorful than its competitors. In fact at first glance you may even think that it is a site for kids. But similarly-bold colorfulness is also applied to ads, making them stand out individually quite easily. Or let’s say that this is a really good site for viewers who prefer graphical presentations as opposed to those which are primarily text-based, as is the convention. But with that being noted, Claseek does have a search tool which is not only easy-to-use but at the same time more-advanced than many of the other entities mentioned here.


In fact there are a number of international classifieds’ companies which are already well grounded in the Lion City. For example, users around the globe who are already familiar with Craigslist will be pleased to find out that they do in fact have their own site specifically catering to Singapore. And one aspect of Craigslist that really makes it unique is even outside of its classifieds, it has a solid Discussion Forums sections where a multitude of different interesting topics are discussed.

One of Singapore’s best kept secrets is that the small nation is actually home to, as it stands now, 20 different golf courses. But of course Singaporeans who do enjoy the sport are well aware of this. And there is a classifieds’ site catered specifically to them known as So this is another specialty classifieds in that all of the listed products are related to golf. And it does, amazingly enough, have a lot of items to offer.

Gumtree Singapore

Gumtree is actually a British-based company which specializes in online advertising.  They are active in a number of countries, including Singapore. Whereas they do have a paid service also, for the most part Gumtree is free. And it is recognized as one of better and more-popular classified sites in the Lion City. Accordingly there are a number of categories a user can browse through, including job listings, and you can even find people on the site to swap items with. Moreover Gumtree Singapore also comes in app form.

Just Landed

Just Landed is a site which is marketed specifically to expatriates. As we have mentioned in the past, it is especially advisable for foreigners to be familiar with the inner workings of Singapore while residing there. And this is a good website in terms of finding general advice in that regard. But even beyond that, they have their own classified section. And whereas it may not be as comprehensive or easy-to-use as others on this list, it does feature job and housing listings, many of which are geared directly to expats. For instance, this is a good site to find flats (apartments) to share. And this is important considering that it can be challenging (as we’ve also mentioned before) to find affordable housing options that are not open to foreigners.


Locanto is actually a subsidiary of a Germany-based internet company called Yalwa.  Resultantly it is global in scope and like Gumtree operates in various nations throughout the world. And they have very-comprehensive and broad-based listings in Singapore. It is a really good site for instance in terms of finding a job or property, especially rentals.  Also they have a pretty-extensive personals’ category. So basically anything you can expect from a classifieds’ site you can expect to find on Locanto.


This is not a general ad site. Rather it focuses specifically on homes, cars and jobs. But it is very detailed in providing those services. For example, each category has its own unique search engine, and you can perform functions like searching for a particular brand of car down to its location. Overall Mitula does not have the most readable presentation. But if you know exactly what and where you’re looking for in terms of a place to live, automobile or employment, you may be able to find it more expeditiously here than on other sites.

This is another niche site, though this time around focused on Singapore’s job market.  When visiting the webpage you will be greeted by a pretty-basic presentation which consists primarily of a search bar. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. For at the time of the writing of this post, boasts of over 80,000 job listings in the Lion City. And over 40,000 of them have been posted just in the last week. So we already know that the Lion City is ripe in job opportunities. And this appears to be the perfect site to use to explore such options.

Rent in Singapore

And while we’re on the subject of housing, Rent in Singapore is another site worth checking out. As its name implies, its niche is featuring advertisements for places to rent.  This not only includes entire apartments but also rooms. Additionally it features a section where tenants searching for a place to rent can let landlords know by posting their profiles and desired price range. As simple as it all sounds, in a way this site is revolutionary in its approach. Moreover it stands as an imperative service in a country whose cost of living is as high as Singapore’s.

Singapore Expats

That being said there are quite a few other websites out there targeting foreigners in Singapore. One really-popular one is called Singapore Expats. And yes, they also have a classifieds’ section. In fact at the time of this writing, the accommodation category alone – which features rooms, flat sharing and short-term housing – is over 14,000 entries deep. Indeed it may be so deep that some users find it intimidating, rather preferring a smaller presentation like Just Landed. But overall, Singapore Expats’ classified section, particularly in terms of housing, is one that every expatriate should check out. And in general it features so many listings that Singaporeans would undoubtedly find it useful also.

ST Classifieds

For users who may be intimidated by sites in which the listings appear to be unlimited, ST Classified has a very-simple and compact interface. Also the listings themselves resemble traditional newspaper and magazine classifieds and are very easy to read. You may not find the plethora of products on ST Classified that you will on some other sites. Rather it comes off more as a specialized website where listings may actually go through some degree of vetting. Or more specifically, it appears as if it is intended to appeal to a wealthier user base than its competitors.

Now here’s a really creative one. touts itself as Singapore’s “best stall classified”.  In other words, it is a website where people buy, sell and rent food stalls. And accordingly you can even search for stalls which specialize in serving a particular meal, as well as narrow them down to the location they are already located. Like golf, owning food stalls is not something everyone is into. But it’s safe to presume that there are perhaps more people interested in the food stall business than golfing even, and those types of individuals would definitely appreciate a site like this one.


Technodia also boasts of a really-advanced search engine. In fact users can even search for classifieds based on their proximity to Singaporean zip codes. However, in that regard the site isn’t really that easy to use. Simply put, some users may consider the search tool as being a bit overly-detailed. But that being said, there are plenty of listings, especially in the “Jobs”, “For Sale” and “Services” categories. And all indications are that in those regards this is a very-popular site. 


As aforementioned, we are confident that you can find virtually any product or service you are looking for in the Lion City via these sites. Also you can use them to advertise your own products and services. For more general searches you can start with entities at the top of the list like CarousellGumtree Singapore and Locanto. But if you already know what exactly you’re looking for, you may also find some of the specialized sites more useful.

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