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Earlier when discussing the price of living, we pointed out how much an average person should expect to spend on transportation in Singapore. But in the name of cutting down transportation costs there’s always the option of just staying home. In other words, if you have a work-at-home job you don’t necessarily have to go out to buy food, as you can have your meals and groceries brought directly to your doorstep. Or stated differently there is a plethora of food-delivery services in the Lion City, and what that boils down to is having virtually-unlimited options in terms of the types of foods which can be delivered to your home. And in this particular article, we’re going to look at which food-delivery services are considered to be the best in Singapore.


And at the apex of the list we find services such as Deliveroo. Deliveroo is actually based in the UK, and it operates in a dozen other countries even outside of Singapore. But the reason it’s been able to expand in such a manner is because they’re on top of their game.

Like the other top services on this list, Deliveroo doesn’t actually make food. Rather they have partnered with, get this, over 4,500 different restaurants in Singapore. So basically you can order any type of cooked food that you can imagine, including international cuisine from China, India, Japan, Mexico and of course America. Then on top of that you can expect your delivery in a timely fashion considering that they employ, at last count, over 6,000 delivery personnel. Additionally Deliveroo is open 24 hours a day, and there are ways to get discounts on deliveries. 

Moreover on top of personal deliveries, the service is designed to meet large orders, even for corporate events. So considering all of this, it’s easy to understand how Deliveroo has become popular in the Lion City.


FoodPanda is also international in scope, with its headquarters being in Berlin. And all things considered it is even more-comprehensive than Deliveroo. For instance, in Singapore, it boasts of over 6,000 restaurant partners, including being the exclusive food-delivery service of Starbucks itself. Moreover FoodPanda is pledged to making deliveries in less than 30 minutes, like the Domino’s of the east, though with exponentially-more products on their list. Moreover the company has divisions which specialize in the delivery of convenience store products (PandaMart) and groceries (PandaNow), with the latter being a 24-hour service. That’s right, you can actually get groceries delivered to your door any time of the night via FoodPanda. However, one major difference between FoodPanda and Deliveroo is that the latter has fixed delivery rates. But FoodPanda’s fees will vary based on the restaurant you’re ordering your food from.


And speaking of Domino’s, that brings us to the next service on our list, which is GrabFood. For even though Domino’s doesn’t deliver themselves in the Lion City, they have partnered with GrabFood in that regard. So has a number of other big-name restaurants though, perhaps even more importantly, local startups. So customers can in fact choose from a wide range of their favorite cooked meals. And it is this diversity which is said to be the secret behind the app’s massive popularity, even though it’s only been around for a couple of years now.

Other perks which GrabFood offer include the option to track your deliveryman’s location, so you’ll always know how close or far away your order is. And speaking of delivery men, GrabFood actually operates throughout the entirety of Singapore. Also, unlike FoodPanda, there is no minimum order. And GrabFood even has its own currency called GrabPay and a loyalty program called GrabRewards. So for them, perhaps entering the game later than their main competitors revealed ways in which they can enhance the customer experience.


Speaking of comprehensive services, WhyQ partners with the much-beloved food hawkers themselves – over 2,000 of them be exact. In fact it holds the distinction of having more food hawkers enlisted than any of the other apps mentioned. And the reason this is important is because, all things considered, hawker cuisine may be the most-patronized eating-out option in Singapore. They are extremely-popular, and sometimes you can meet disheartening queues when visiting your favorite hawker. Well WhyQ’s delivery service is designed to save you the hassle. Additionally their delivery fees are really-low, and there is no minimum amount an individual can order. So it’s truly a food-delivery service for the people, so to speak.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, in terms of the actual restaurants which WhyQ has partnered with, most of them are actually Michelin-recommended. That means you can use this app to order some of the finest cuisine the Lion City has to offer. And accordingly WhyQ also offers catering services, even for large, corporate events.


Of course with so many food-delivery services on the market, some of them would be compelled to take more of a niche approach, like WhyQ with its food hawkers. Well one app that really specializes in a select market – or products should we say – is AMGD.  AMGD’s specialty is dishes that are of the healthy variety. That means low-fat, non-MSG, halal-certified types of cuisine. Moreover for customers who are really watching their weight, AMGD actually features the calorie count of each meal. So this app is perfect for someone who is for instance embarking on a diet. But it is also popular amongst others, as even fast-food junkies deserve and desire a healthy, tasty meal from time-to-time. The caveat though is that their minimum order amount is relatively-high, and at the end of the day you should expect to pay at least SGD$20 (US$14.50) per order. However, discounts are applicable with larger orders.


The truth is that the Singaporean food market is saturated with delivery services, especially when it comes to groceries. We already mentioned that Food Panda, which specializes in cooked food, also delivers groceries. But many grocery stores in the Lion City have their own delivery services. Moreover if you order over a certain amount or sign up for special programs, a lot of them actually deliver for free.

When it comes to getting groceries delivered, perhaps the best thing to do is identify your favorite or closest major retailer, find out if they have their own delivery service (which they probably do) and then patronize said service. Or you can always go online to easily identify which grocery stores do deliveries.


A resident of the Lion City shouldn’t have any problem getting food delivered to their home, even during the wee hours of the morning depending on their location. Indeed technology, coupled with the initiative of those who run these services, has made food deliveries not only more expedient than ever but also cost-effective. In fact in some cases you may be able to get food delivered cheaper than if you were to go out and buy it yourself. 

So with that being said, we hope that we have helped to point you in the direction of the top food-delivery services Singapore has to offer. Indeed there are a plethora of them available, and even outside of this list you may want to experiment with others to find out which one(s) suits you best.

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