Top Dating Sites/Apps in Singapore

Romance in Singapore

Dating sites and applications are a normal part of life as we know it. And with Singapore itself being one of the most-modernized nations in the world, they are of course on top of the game. That is to say that if you’re looking for love or simply some loving in the Lion City, you can resort to your laptop or handheld device to assist you in achieving this goal.  Also if you’re traveling to Singapore and already have an account on one of the popular international-dating sites, there’s a good chance that said app will already be quite active in the city-state.


For instance, there is ever-ubiquitous Tinder. As we currently speak, Tinder is the premiere dating site, particularly for millennials, perhaps in the entire world. As such there is a considerable amount of Singaporeans who also utilize the service. Actually it is in fact the top dating app in the Lion City. However, just as a side note, it has been pointed out that there is a notably higher number of Singaporeans guys using Tinder as opposed to females. But the good news for foreigners is, considering the app’s high usage, if you already have a Tinder account you’re one solid step ahead in the dating game upon landing in Singapore.

Coffee Meets Bagel

But the same could also be said for other apps on this list, such as Coffee Meets Bagel. This is a site which is actually headquartered in San Francisco. Coffee Meets Bagel is presented as an option for daters who may be of the more mature, intellectual variety than what you may find on average on Tinder. And it also has active users in Singapore.  However, it has been noted that, overall, it doesn’t have the same mass popular appeal as Tinder. But that being said, it is still recommended for those who may be seeking romances of the more serious variety as opposed to casual flings. 

Moreover it has been noted that more religious-minded people (i.e. Christians) tend to patronize Coffee Meets Bagel. And even though the app is administered from the United States, interesting to note is that its founders are actually Korean-Americans.

Lunch Actually / Lunchclick

Another app, which is even more serious than Coffee Meets Bagel, when it comes to dating in Singapore is Lunch Actually. This site is not recommended for those looking for the quick, random action that apps like Tinder perhaps can facilitate. Rather it relies on actual human, “dating professionals” as opposed to computer algorithms in terms of making matches. 

Moreover it isn’t a case of you filling out a form to get registered. Instead their application process is quite-stringent and even requires a background check. Also, users can even opt to visit their office for a consultation (first one free) from a member of the Lunch Actually staff itself. So yes, they are actually located in the Lion City and are dead serious about romance. Moreover the app markets specifically to young Singaporean professionals.

So the good news is if you are an individual looking for a steady romantic partner in Singapore, you can actually get professional help in that regard via an online app.


Another option, if you’re looking for a locally-based dating company, is Paktor. Paktor’s interface was inspired by that of Tinder’s. So whereas there may be a few differences, they are designed to perform fundamentally the same. However, Paktor is, once again, based in Singapore and designed to cater specifically to an Asian-centered dating market. As such, you may be able to meet individuals on this app that won’t find on the much broader-based Tinder.


Meanwhile Happn is a dating app which falls between the lines of casual and serious. In other words, it’s up to the party involved what transpires once they meet. And indeed, this app’s gimmick, if you will, is that it can significantly expedite users actually meeting each other, even as they randomly pass each other by. In fact Happn has been defined as a mobile geolocation application as opposed to a conventional dating app. 

In other words, it isn’t so much about finding matches per se as it is alerting you when other users of the app are in your immediate vicinity. And then you can decide whether or not to like this person – and vice versa. And from there it’s up to the two of you what happens. 

So Happn is perhaps what we can call a real-time dating app. And whereas its speed may not be for everyone, it has been made known that many young adults do patronize the service.


Hater takes the usual approach that all of the other services mentioned do in that it looks for commonalities between users before recommending matches. However, where it differs is in the way it ascertains such, which is by correlating what users dislike as opposed to what they like. So fundamentally it’s the same ol’ dating game but with a different approach. And if you’re looking for a date in Singapore, you may find this option more refreshing than the conventional route.


Certain ladies in Singapore may be specifically looking for a foreigner to date as opposed to one of their own countrymen. And that’s where SingaporeLoveLinks comes in, as it has proven to be particularly popular amongst those types of users. Accordingly certain basic services the app provides, such as messages to other users, are only permitted with a paid subscription. But for men visiting Singapore who specifically want to hook up with ladies interested in meeting outsiders, actually doing so can prove to be more expedient on SingaporeLoveLinks than on other apps. And in terms of its overall efficacy, it is run by a company called Cupid Media which specializes in online-dating sites.

Date In Asia

However, there are of course those who aren’t really down for paying money to a dating site. And there is another service in Singapore, called Date In Asia, which is totally free.  In fact the only expense you may have to cough up is acquiring a valid phone number in order to register. Accordingly you may have to wade through the waters a bit before finding a proper match, as the field may be more open than say SingaporeLoveLinks. But the good news for locals especially is that many of Singapore’s singles, in general, patronize Date In Asia.

In Conclusion….

Individuals looking for a date in Singapore have a number of online options to help them along the way. For instance, they can go with an international, globally-recognized dating site or one that caters more specifically to the Lion City itself. Also they may decide to use a more-casual app, or one that targets users looking for serious relationships. Either way there is an ample variety of dating sites and apps available in Singapore which can help one achieve success in the game.

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