The Salary of a Pilot in Singapore

Pilot Salary Singapore

Of course there are different types of pilots in Singapore. For instance, some engage in long, international flights while others shorter routes. Also, as to be expected in such a potentially-dangerous field, the hours of experience you have logged are a significant factor on your deemed worth. But that being said, piloting is one of the more-lucrative professions you can take up in the Lion City, if you can get your foot in the door.

Indeed in researching the salaries of different professions in Singapore, piloting is one of the more uniform in terms of listed pay rates. That is to say that by virtually all reports, Singaporean pilots, on average, bring home over six figures annually, with lower median estimates being about SGD$108,000.00 per year (or $9,000.00 per month) for the primary pilot of an aircraft. Meanwhile First Officers start off their careers earning a little over SGD$6,000.00, which may not be a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but again they stand to make a lot more as time progresses and their rank increases.

Indeed on the high end on the spectrum, pilots earn somewhere in the range of SGD$120,000 to $130,000.00 per annum or even more than that if it is an experienced and skilled professional. This is partially due to the fact that whereas occupational bonuses are somewhat a standard practice in the Lion City, pilots (for Singapore Airlines) can earn almost $4,000.00 monthly in additional pay for logging a certain amount of hours in the air. In other words, a pilot’s monthly bonus alone can be more than what a lot of other people make on their 9 to 5.

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