The Bugis Street Market


The Bugis Street Market, as its name suggests, is a collection of roadside shops and stalls which can be found at the center of Bugis, a neighborhood in Singapore. This locality is known for having a vast array of shopping and dining options. Yet its main appeal is not only the plethora of products and foods available but also their affordability. In other words, the Bugis Street Market is designed to cater specifically to Singaporeans as opposed to foreigners. Thus patrons will be introduced to local, cheaper prices as opposed to those posted with international patrons in mind.

CapitaLand Malls

But the truth of the matter is that the overall appeal of the area is also due to shopping areas that are not part of the Street Market itself but can still be found in the immediate vicinity. So for instance a couple of CapitaLand’s malls are located right around the market. CapitaLand is an international real estate company which own malls all over Asia. And their main facility at Bugis Junction is so vast that visitors are advised to peruse an online database of its shops first. This facility is also connected to the Bugis MRT Station, making the entire area easily-accessible via public transportation. But considering that Bugis is a subzone of Singapore’s Downtown Core, it can also be conveniently accessed by foot from Marina Bay and some of the trendier parts of Singapore’s Central Region.

CapitaLand’s other Bugis-based mall, Bugis+, is also just adjacent to the Bugis Street Market and the Bugis Junction mall. This site is more in tune with what a visitor envisions when he imagines what a modern Singaporean shopping center would look like, as it has a striking architecture whose exterior is covered in a design pattern dubbed as crystal mesh. The structure itself is 10 storeys high and accordingly features a huge number of stores in its own right. In fact Bugis+ also has its own internet-based listing where interested parties can browse the shops located therein.

About a thousand Shops in Bugis

So in total, there are almost 1000 different shops which visitors to the Bugis Street Mall and its immediate surroundings will have access to. In fact overall, this area has been classified as the biggest shopping district in the entirety of Singapore. And it is known primarily for selling three categories of items – clothing, souvenirs and food. And in the case of the latter, we are referring to dishes prepared by restaurants, smaller eateries and even street vendors. Or put into layman’s terms, there is a dizzying array of dining options made available via the Bugis Street Market. 

So if you’re interested in experimenting with the local cuisine – including that from neighboring countries – or are looking for foods you’re perhaps more familiar with – such as burger or pizza joints – then your taste buds should be thoroughly pleased with your decision to visit Bugis.


So conclusively, the Bugis Street Market may not be at the top of the list of tourist attractions which the Lion City has to offer.  But it is a must-see for those who like shopping at more-affordable, local prices.  Moreover it is one of the best places in Singapore to go on a food-tourism excursion. And the place is jumping in both the day and nighttime. So don’t sleep on the Bugis Street Market and its environs, for visitors to this locality can walk away satisfied on a number of different levels.

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