Singapore’s Human Development Index Ranking

Singapore's human development index

Singapore has come a long way since its colonial days. The city-state has attained a high standard of living comparable to other developed nations. Her success is both a source of inspiration and study. However, few could have imagined the immense growth she would come to enjoy in 1965. Upon independence from Malaysia, the young nation faced an uncertain future. The island lacked size and natural resources. It was vulnerable to many economic and geostrategic threats. The only thing it had was people.

Fortunately, Singapore’s first generation leaders had the vision and fortitude to bring the country forward. Pragmatism became the order of the day. Singapore’s location became its greatest strength. It was strategically positioned at the crossroads of the East and the West. This allowed Singapore to become a key international financial and trade hub. Sound policies were crucial in building the sort of society that the country’s leaders envisioned.

Laws that clamped down on corruption and crime were implemented. An impartial and high-caliber judicial system was conceived. The rule of law was instrumental in fostering a business-friendly environment. Low tax rates attracted businesses and multinational corporations to base their operations in Singapore. The inflow of capital was then invested in healthcare, education, and infrastructure. These were important in raising education levels, life expectancy rates, and transportational efficiency.

From 1990 to 2018, Singapore’s Human Development Index value rose from 0.718 to 0.935. Singapore is now renowned for having a highly-educated workforce, world class public transport networks, and a remarkable healthcare system. The average gross national income stands at $83,793. The city-state is also known as a clean, stable, and safe country. These factors enhance Singapore’s reputation on the world stage.

Below are some graphs that would help give readers a better idea of Singapore’s HDI standing compared to other developed countries.

NOTE: The charts below are directly based on official data from the United Nations.

Human Development Index Ranking for 2019

HDI Data 2019 (Index)

Based on the above data by the UN, in 2019, Singapore had the 9th highest Human Development Index ranking in the world, which is a great feat!

  1. Norway – 0.954
  2. Switzerland  – 0.946
  3. Ireland – 0.942
  4. Germany – 0.939
  5. Hong Kong, China – 0.939
  6. Australia – 0.938
  7. Iceland – 0.938
  8. Sweden – 0.937
  9. Singapore – 0.935
  10. Netherlands – 0.933
HDI Data 2019 (Incomes for Top Countries)
Life Expectancy

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