Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

For about half a century, the 26-hectare Singapore Zoo has been providing adventurous and unforgettable wildlife experiences to its numerous visitors. With over 300 species and more than 2,800 residents of reptiles, mammals and birds, this Zoo comprises of 11 distinct zones, each giving its visitors a feel of the most unique wildlife habitations around the world. You can explore the following while in this famed zoo:

  • Primate Kingdom which hosts dozens of  primate species
  • The Tortoise Shelter which is home to numerous endangered tortoise species
  • The Reptile Gardens where you can find komodo dragons
  • Australasia Exhibit where you can easily spot kangaroos, cassowaries, and wallabies moving around the park.

You can also get an up-close encounter with ring-tailed lemurs, orangutans, and sloths at the Fragile forest biodome, while the Great Rift Valley Exhibit shows red-bottomed baboons indulging in all sorts of interesting activities.

Animal Containment

One of the most distinctive features about this zoo is that most of the animals are not caged, but kept in large transparent enclosures which stand at waist-length and are covered by moats that prevent them from jumping out of their fences. Except for wild creatures such as the Cheetah who have cages and wires around their fences, visitors get to see creatures eye-to-eye. That being said, it should be noted that both animals and humans are safe in the process.

Wide Variety and Arrangement of Animals at Singapore Zoo

This wildlife park contains a wide range of animals you would normally see in a zoo, such as monkeys, crocodiles, lions, elephants among others. But there also extremely rare and endangered species including lemurs, tapirs, tigers, rhinos and babirusas present in the zoo. The animals are arranged in distinctly themed habitats and are mostly active and happy-looking due to the suitable climate of the park.

Singapore Zoo offers Breakfast in the Jungle

If you’ve never had breakfast with a family of Orangutans seated next to you, then be sure not to miss this one-of-a-kind dining moment. The Ah Meng restaurant terrace hosts this memorable experience from 9:30am to 10:00am each day. And what’s more, you and your loved ones get to take a photoshoot of the whole encounter.

Exciting Presentations and Shows at Singapore Zoo

For a memorable experience don’t miss out on any of the four major shows run by the zoo staff in the mornings and afternoons. These include the following:

  • Animal Friends Show which allows kids to interact with the domestic animals
  • The Elephant Presentation which showcases the two Asian elephants
  • Splash Safari which displays the talents of an acrobatic sea lion
  • The Rainforest Fights Back which educates tourists about animals indigenous to the endangered rainforest habitation.

For the Kids

Singapore Zoo is extremely family-friendly, as it provides the opportunity for both adults and very young children to enjoy their trip. If your kid falls between age 5 and 12, you can give them a thrill of a life-time with the Keeper Encounter, where they can experience what it feels like to be a zoo keeper. They get to feed different creatures and groom lovely animals such as falabellas and rabbits.

The more exciting venue for kids is the Rainforest Kidzworld which is specially themed as a wonderland full of animals. Children can enjoy a wide range of fun-filled activities including pony rides, petting and feeding goats, swings and amazing slides. Furthermore, there’s the Pets’ corner where they can see beautiful furry creatures. Also, there is the watery playground where they can have the time of their lives.


In all, the Singapore Zoo is one of the most enjoyable attractions to visit when in the country. They are recognized for creating an admirable wildlife theme, while promoting respect for nature and working together with like-minded organizations to embark on conservation projects on both the local and regional front. With a tropical jungle environment and semi-open enclosures, patrons get a glimpse of how these creatures usually behave in their natural habitats, making this venue a world-class attraction worth exploring.

You certainly should visit this place whenever you find yourself in sweet Singapore. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions Singapore has to offer!

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