Salary of a Doctor in Singapore

Doctor Salary Singapore

Taking up the profession of a doctor in Singapore is yet another field where one has to put in a considerable amount of work early on before the big bucks start rolling in. And along similar lines you may have to be willing to invest a significant amount in your profession, even outside of the realm of education, in order to reap its full financial benefits.

To illustrate, a fresh graduate from medical school usually takes on a one-year internship at a hospital which pays a bit less than SG$4,000.00 monthly. Afterwards, upon taking on the role of a medical officer, he or she will make from SG$4,500 to in excess of SG$5,000.00 monthly. And during this point, they are usually logging long hours, on top of furthering their studies in a particular field of specialization.

However, as time progresses, things do pick up as well as ease up. And once a doctor’s first few years of professional work are behind him, he can expect to make at least somewhere in the region of SG$7,600 a month. Of course, as noted earlier, salaries can really surge, with general practitioners raking in a cool SG$100,000.00 (or more) annually. And those possessing special qualifications on top of considerable experience can make three or four times as much.

Also, in the name of maximizing profits many physicians go on to establish their own practices. Or stated otherwise, you may be forking up a decent amount of cash well into your career in the name of making even more money.


So being a doctor is a potentially lucrative field in the Lion City, as it is in other parts of the world. But one must be prepared to suffer a bit of shall we say underpay early on in order to reach the stage of their career where there are more ways to capitalize financially.

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