Night Safari, Singapore

Night Safari

During the fall of eventide, where most people will usually be commuting back home from a tiring day, or coming out to hang out with loved ones, the Night Safari in Singapore ushers its patrons into an amazing realm of nocturnal creatures. Situated close to the Singapore zoo, the Night Safari was opened in 1994 and happens to be the first wildlife park for nocturnal animals in the world. This first-rate attraction currently welcomes over 1.1 million visitors annually and is divided into seven unique habitats, with each housing its own collection of animals.

You may want to take some time to adjust your vision to the dimly-lit or dark areas in this park, as its lighting has been limited to the brightness of the full moon, since this is what the creatures are accustomed to. And yes, flashlights and photography are not allowed for the safety of people, and the well-being of the night creatures as well. If you get past this stage, however, you will definitely enjoy your visit, which is an amazing opportunity to see animals you may never get the chance to see during the daytime.

Spanning about 35 hectares of thick forest, the Safari houses over 130 distinct species and over 2,500 creatures with several of them native to the area, notable among them being the following:

  • Asian elephants
  • Malayan tigers
  • Asian lions, leopards
  • Fishing cats.

Most of the docile creatures can be seen wandering about freely whereas the aggressive ones are confined within barriers. Taking a walk around the park allows you to see more creatures than when on the tram. However, for those who would prefer to explore the environment on wheels, there’s an available option for a 35-minute ride through the seven zones.

Creatures of the Night Show

A visit to the Night Safari will be incomplete without this 20-minute performance which often takes place in the huge amphitheater centered in the forest. It ideally begins at 8:30 pm, but you can also catch it as early as 7:30pm, 9:30pm and 10:30pm. On this show, animal trainers put different creatures including otters, hyenas, binturong, civet cats on the spot to display their behaviors and talents. Their audience (though mostly crowded) are thrilled and entertained throughout this must-see show.

Thumbuakar Performance

Another show you can’t afford to miss is the Thumbuakar performance which is an exciting fire show right at the entrance or exit of the park. It begins at 6:45pm, but in case you miss this, you can always catch up at either 8:00pm, 9:00pm or 10:00pm. This show lasts for about 7 minutes and features an amazing team of pyro warriors who display their intriguing fire-twirling abilities, while the jungle drum rhythm beats at high-energy in the background.

Dining and Cocktails

No need to bother about bringing food over for this visit as there is abundance of food and drinks at various outlets at the Night Safari. You can grab some dinner before the trip at the Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, or some burgers at the Jungle Rotisserie, where you can get a good glimpse of the Thumbuakar performance. Furthermore, you can also visit Ben & Jerry’s for some ice cream.

Tips for your visit to the Night Safari

It is advisable to wear fully-covered walking shoes for your visit since it is quite dark and the rains may set in. The place is often crowded with long queues so it will be best if you purchase your ticket in advance to avoid a long wait. Again, you will need some mosquito repellent on your trip to this wildlife world.

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