Most In-Demand Skills in Singapore

Most In-Demand Skills in Singapore

Digital transformation in the world is moving at a fast pace, particularly with regards to the job market. Since Singapore is no exception to the global digital wave, it is not much of a surprise that tech-related skills are in high demand in the country. A 2020 list compiled by LinkedIn reveals that soft and technical skills are the most demanded by employers with the most notable being machine learning, python capabilities, deep learning, digital marketing, robotic process automation and software development.

Below are some work skills that are constantly increasing in demand as Singapore aims at a more digitized future.

Data Analysis

Singaporean Startup companies such as Homage, Stashaway and GoBear, have been listed by LinkedIn to be in high demand of individuals with Data Analytic skills. This is because of how important data analysis has become in business decision making processes.

Data Analysis involves modeling and transforming data to retrieve important information. When it comes to the growth or decline of a business, data analysis is needed to reveal past mistakes, identify the strategies that are working as well as those that need to be worked on. This skill also involves collecting data with the help of software, cleaning, interpreting and finally visualizing the data in the form of tables and charts.

Software Development

Singaporean citizens have over the years become heavily reliant on mobile apps which enable them to get things done easier while navigating life events involving transport, entertainment, studies and even food. With such a demand, job seekers who are skilled at developing software are highly sought after.

Reading JavaScript, CSS, HTML and other programming languages in Singapore are skills that are growing in demand because of the ability to update and create new features on web pages. Individuals who are experienced at software development therefore have a vast number of opportunities awaiting them in the job market.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses all the efforts utilized in building awareness and increasing engagement of a business, product or service on a variety of digital platforms. This mainly involves blogging, SEO optimization, email marketing and target marketing. Digital marketing skills are required in almost every business organization.

The role of a digital marketer extends beyond internet platforms to include reaching out to people with offers through other digital mediums such as the radio, television, newspaper and billboard ads. They are either employed as part of the firm’s in-house marketing team or as a stand-alone digital marketer.

Adobe Photoshop

LinkedIn’s Top Singaporean Startups list indicates that one of the topmost skills employers in Hmlet and Grain need to see in their employees is Adobe Photoshop. Having been in existence for at least 30 years, Adobe Photoshop has come to be recognized as the world’s most popular photo editing tool.

Graphic Designers, Artists, Web developers are among the many employees that need to possess Adobe Photoshop skills. Over the years, other job roles including social media managers, public relations executives as well as marketing personnel have had to learn and apply Adobe Photoshop skills in their work to remain relevant.

Social Media Marketing

In Singapore alone, more than 4.6 million people are active on social media, and spend an average of seven hours, nine minutes online each day, per a report by the Singapore Business Review. This medium therefore creates an opportunity for businesses to find customers on such platforms and vigorously promote their services and products to them.

As a result, job applicants with Social media marketing skills are a hot commodity for Singaporean employers who need to have a strong social media presence. Right from brick and mortar businesses, to food businesses, telcos and financial institutions, social media is currently more of a necessity than a choice. Some companies employ dedicated social media marketers, whereas most of those who have marketing departments highly require the services of a social media marketer.

Market Research

Several businesses hire market research analysts because of their importance in determining the business’ core strategies. This skill is readily essential in the sales and marketing world as well.

Since finding the right information about a target audience is a critical step in every business venture, market researchers are in high demand. They are tasked with the responsibility of providing relevant information that will help companies develop strategies to meet the needs of their target market and solve certain challenges.


This all-purpose coding language is one of the most-sought after skills in Singapore in recent times. It is particularly effective for the creation of mobile apps, for performing mathematical computations, processing huge amounts of data, and for writing computer system scripts. Python is valued because unlike CSS, JavaScript and HTML, this coding language can be used for software development and various types of programming.

Machine learning engineers, Data Scientists and Entry-level software developers are some of the job titles who are experts at utilizing their Python skills.

Customer Relationship Skills

Almost every business needs customer relations since their duty is to serve clients with results. The advent of certain digital software has created an environment where job applicants not only need to develop the skill of relating to clients, but also need the technical know-how on managing such software that are currently used to perform the customer relationship management functions.

Customer relationship managers have the duty of responding to the company’s present issues while preparing better approaches to manage future experiences. The skills required may extend to sales and marketing since all these are closely linked to customer interactions. Aside from the human resource, most companies now utilize software such as Sales-force and Microsoft Dynamics to gather customer information, create workflows, insights and reports among others. 

Structured Query Language (SQL)

The Structured Query Language, popularly known as SQL is the first data analysis language and is recognized as a standard programming language purposely designed for relational databases. Knowledge of this skill, for instance, can be used in storing the data of each client a particular business owner has ever interacted with, right from their contact details, to information about sales. SQL can be used to retrieve all this kind of data in an instant.

Although SQL is older than the other coding languages, it happens to be one of the most widely used database languages and as such a requirement for coders worldwide. Having knowledge of SQL is extremely beneficial for several businesses and is deemed one of the most highly demanded skills in the country.

Cyber security

Following the 2017 cyber security breach suffered by the Ministry of Defense, which rendered the personal data of over 850 employees and national service personnel compromised, this skill has been greatly sought after. Not only are they in high demand in the public sector due to previous incidents, but they are also needed by employers in the private sector.

Cyber security experts are skilled at coding and programming and have gained substantial knowledge in malware analysis and cyber forensics. As such, they are able to detect, avoid and solve issues arising from any form of cyber security breach.

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialists

AI specialists are widely sought after in Singapore due to their ability to program computers to work or ‘think’ in a certain way. Some of their skills include the following:

  • programming computer systems to be able to for instance
  • recognize a human voice
  • recognize fingerprints or other biometric information for security reasons
  • solve certain problems
  • answer questions and interpret data
  • speak or respond like a human

Their skills are in high demand particularly in University research centers, software corporations, automotive industries, communication industries, small AI development companies among others.

Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineering, although a seemingly new field has gained grounds to become one of the most essential aspects of this futuristic digital era. The basic skill robotics engineers possess is the ability to solve problems. The functions of such an individual vary across industries and are largely dependent on the specific role an employer desires. Robotics engineers are skilled at analyzing data to find out what tasks robots need to undertake. They use 3D Computer-Aided Design tools to build robots, maintain and repair them when needed, program them as well as test them to ensure that they can carry out functions properly.

E-commerce Specialist

With several consumers moving towards making online purchases rather than the traditional brick and mortar shopping, the skills of an e-commerce specialist are great in demand. E-commerce specialists handle all matters relating to the planning and implementation of electronic commerce solutions to suit customer requirements. They possess the skills of integrating an entire e-commerce plan, implementing customer support solutions, managing payment gateway systems, and interacting with both online and offline professionals to manage the e-commerce platform.

Creative Copywriter

This is in high demand mainly because of the creative nature of the work, and its potential to reap profits for businesses. Creative copywriters are skilled at writing persuasively about topics in order to sell a product, idea or service to a consumer. Their copy has the potential to be read by millions of prospects, thus the need for such individuals to be highly skilled in their approach. To be qualified for this job, employers must see that one possesses a good command of their language, have natural storytelling abilities, can work with very little supervision and are excellent at creating content that is visually appealing and has the propensity to generate sales or the employer’s desired results.

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