Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

The Jurong Bird Park, a 20.2 hectare attraction in the western part of Singapore happens to be the largest park in Asia (as of the publishing of this article). The park provides its visitors up-close experiences with the most beautiful birds in the world. Home to more than 400 species with over 5,000 birds, you are sure to catch a glimpse of even the rarest of birds such as the turaco, iridescent starling and crested guinea fowl, during feeding sessions that occur daily. Any avian lover that visits this park is often blown away by the bird-in-hand experience, interactive shows, fun exhibits and more specifically the opportunity to meet charming feathered friends you may never see in a lifetime.

Wonderful Attractions

When you visit this beautiful avian park, make sure that you pass through the Waterfall Aviary. And why? Because it  is one of the largest aviaries in the world. It boasts a total of over 600 birds and a waterfall standing at about 30-metres high.

You can also explore the Flamingo Lake filled with hundreds of Flamingoes, or the Pelican Cove nearby that houses a complete set of pelicans.

There’s also a chance to see the largest walk-in lory flight in the world, right in the park. With a height of over 9 stories, visitors can get a close view of about 15 different lory species and an amazing Penguin Coast. You’ll certainly be marveled at the King of the Skies show where Falcons, Eagles and Hawks display their moves in a live hunt, or enjoy some high time at the High Flyers Show.

Your little ones can also make new birdy buddies at Lunch with Parrots, or pass through Birdz of Play, Flying Fox or the arcade games for an awesome time of fun.

Tips for the trip to the Jurong Bird Park

To ensure that you maximize the time spent at this wonderful bird park, it is recommended that you plan your visit and activities ahead of time.

The sun is not too lenient in this part of the world, so remember to carry your sunglasses and some sunscreen to avoid being sunburned. It is quiet common to experience rain showers or heavy downpours in the park. Owing to this, you should be prepared for such situations. That being said, you can get sheltered at Hawk Café if it gets heavier.

Finally, make sure you put on some insect repellent to avoid the risk of being bitten unexpectedly.

The Jurong Bird Park Rules

For a place to be preserved in such an orderly manner, there are always rules that need to be adhered to, and the Jurong Park is not an exception. Visitors are advised to obey the following rules to ensure their own safety, the safety of the animals, as well as to get a chance at enjoying the place as much as possible.

  • The first rule is to venture only in areas where humans are allowed to roam. Going beyond these designated areas is prohibited and can be extremely dangerous.
  • Another rule is to treat the resident animals with respect. By this, visitors are not allowed to tease, randomly feed or pluck off the feathers of the birds in this park.
  • Tip number 3 is to turn off the flash photography function on your phone or camera when taking pictures. This is important because using flash photography often disturbs, blinds or even startles the resident animals.

To avoid any trouble, you should speak to the authorities for permission if you are going to use any of the footage or photos you take for commercial purposes. Otherwise it is strictly prohibited and may land you in an uncomfortable position.

All in all, your visit to Singapore would not be considered complete if you don’t visit this amazing bird park. It is without a shred of doubt, one of the best attractions of Singapore.

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