Is Singapore Getting Hotter?

Is Singapore really getting hotter and hotter every year? Yes, it has been scientifically proven that Singapore is in fact getting hotter. On the surface this may not read like particularly-extraordinary news considering that overall, the Earth itself is also increasing in temperature. However, unlike the rest the globe, Singapore’s increase, at 0.25ºC (approx. 9ºF) per decade, is twice that of the global average. This is one of the less-than-favorable aftereffects of the Lion City’s enviable albeit encompassing urbanization scheme which, combined with overall human activity, is said to be the cause of this phenomenon. 

And yes, this reality has alarmed scientists and others considering that the nation is already plagued, if you will, by a hot and humid climate. And to decrease the potential of Singapore’s heat eventually becoming catastrophic, it has been put forth that the Lion City must protect its still-extant forest areas.

What Is the Hottest Temperature in Singapore?

On record, as of mid-2020, the highest temperature which Singapore ever reached was 37ºC (99ºF). So although it is in fact a generally-hot nation, its heat does not tend to reach catastrophic levels per se. Indeed the Lion City experienced one of its hottest years ever in 2019. And the average temperature throughout that year was 28ºC (82ºF). Yes, some readers will agree that said number is pretty high for a year-long, mean temperature. And as such if a person is in Singapore he or she should be prepared to deal with some regularly-hot, equatorial heat. But it isn’t that type of exceptional heat which tends to cause serious health problems in some individuals.

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