How Much Do Teachers Earn in Singapore?

Teacher Salary Singapore

Being a teacher is one of those kinds of professions whereas no matter how much you make, chances are you’re still going to be underpaid. And that’s pretty much the way the situation reads in Singapore, especially in the public sector, despite the fact that instructors in the Lion City are relatively well-paid.

Indeed based on a study conducted by Teaching Abroad, an organization based in London, experienced teachers in Singapore make even more than their counterparts in the UK. On the primary and secondary levels they bring home roughly SGD$58,000.00 per year (about $5,000.00/month). This is directly inline with our recommended minimum monthly earnings for a person to enjoy a standard quality lifestyle in the Lion City.  However, as alluded to above, it is recommended that you truly be dedicated to the teaching profession before taking it up as a career. For teachers in Singapore at the primary through secondary levels are also known to burdened with quite a strenuous workload.

Meanwhile for preschool teachers, their median salary is about SG$3,700.00. The implication is that since they are dealing with smaller children, the workload isn’t as hectic. In fact they are just as responsible for keeping their students safe and constructively active as they are educating them.

By contrast most (though not all) reports indicate that on the opposite end of the spectrum, in the post-secondary sector, teachers (i.e. professors) enjoy sizable incomes well in excess of SGD$100,000.00. This is not true across the board, and of course the higher your ranking in the hierarchal university structure the more dough you’ll be bringing home on a monthly basis. But that being said, having the goal or starting at an entry-level teaching position and working your way, although it may be challenging, may very well payoff big time nonetheless in the long run.

However, if you, as a teacher, are seeking faster monetary satisfaction, you can also take a chance applying to work for one of the prestigious private school in Singapore. Many of them are international in scope and accordingly offer the chance of earning an above-average compensation. This is something which qualified foreign teachers willing to relocate to the Lion City especially can take advantage of.

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