How Much Do Nurses Earn in Singapore?

Nurse Salary Singapore

It can be confusing to ascertain just how much nurses earn in Singapore due to what appears as conflicting reports concerning the matter. This is largely due to the fact that, as to be expected, there are different levels of nurses with different pay rates. So to minimize confusion, on this particular post we will focus primarily on those at the entry level, so you would at least know how much payment to expect upon first entering the profession.

At the low end of the totem pole are workers who are referred to as Enrolled Nurses.  They are the assistants to the RNs or Registered Nurses. Enrolled Nurses are reported to have an introductory salary ranging from SGD$1,700.00 to $2,800.00. As they reach higher levels of course their salaries increase accordingly. So a Senior Enrolled Nurse level I can look forward to bringing home nearly $4,000.00 per month.

Then next in line are Registered Nurses themselves. The difference between a Registered Nurse and an Enrolled Nurse is that the former actually has an area of specialty, and the latter for instance cannot participate in surgery. Moreover RNs appear to be the most-common type of nurse in the Lion City, and one can receive RN certification through a number of institutions. However, this is also where reported salaries become a bit most inconsistent.

According to one website, the average salary a Singaporean RN is $2,892.00, which then comes out to $34,704.00 for the entire year. Meanwhile another states that they make $39.00 hourly and at the end of the day, bonus included, they bring home a little over $80,000.00 for the year. However, it appears that the former report, of about $35,000.00, is more accurate. Indeed according to the Ministry of Health itself, the lowest an entry-level RN should expect to make is $3,300.00 and the highest $5,200.00. So that would put their salary within the range of $39,600.00 to $62,400.00, with the median salary being 51,000.00 annually.

So concerning that aforementioned report of 80,000/year, that would be more along the lines of a mid-level nurse, such as a Senior Staff Nurse or Assistant Nurse Clinician.  And there are levels even higher than that, such as a Nurse Manager or Nurse Educator, which can earn in excess of $100,000.00 a year. Also some healthcare institutions, though apparently not all, offer overtime pay, which would further explain why some nurses make more than others.

In Conclusion

So if you are just starting off as a Registered Nurse in Singapore and can negotiate a salary of $4000 or above, you’ve done fairly well for yourself.

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