How much do Lawyers Earn in Singapore

Lawyer Salary Singapore

As to be expected, becoming a lawyer is one of the more potentially high-paying professions one can potentially choose in the Lion City. The entry-level salary, as reported by MoneySmart, may not be out of this world at SG$5,000.00+ per month, possibly exceeding SG$6,000.00. Moreover the workload is such that many lawyers actually switch careers during their early goings. However, this reality has not gone unnoticed by the government of Singapore, upon which their interventions sometimes prove to be advantageous to the field overall. And needless to say if one decides to stick with the profession, it can ultimately prove to be quite prosperous. For instance, once established as a lawyer, the average pay rate exceeds SG$8,000.00 per month, let’s say at an average of about SG$8,300.00. This comes out annually to just shy of SG$100,000.00.

But of course once you really get yourself established in your field of specialty, you can hopefully expect your earnings to transcend this threshold. For instance, it has been noted that the average environmental lawyer, i.e. one with about five years of experience, makes roughly SG$120,000.00 a year. Then once he or she really makes a name for himself, at about 10 years of practice, they can be bringing home almost SG$150,000.00 per annum. And salaries can really reach astronomical levels for those in even higher positions of the law field.


So the lesson to be learned here is that the early goings of your law career may prove especially rough. But in the long run, if you feel such a job is truly your calling and accordingly dedicate yourself to it, the sky’s the limit in terms of your potential earnings.

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