How much do Architects Earn in Singapore?

Architect Salary Singapore

As you’re probably already aware of, Singapore possesses some of the most-beautiful and visually-stunning architecture on Earth. So we know that this is a profession which the Lion City takes quite seriously.

Moreover, not all architecture contributing to the beauty of the Lion City consists of building design. Indeed, there are different levels to the architectural profession. So for instance a landscape architect – as in a person who designs gardens, parks and what have you professionally (i.e. a landscaper) – makes an average of SG$4,000.00 monthly, which is notably lower than a building architect. And as to be expected, when it comes to building design itself senior architects and design directors make the most in the field, with salaries exceeding SG$100,000.00 annually and in some cases (as in design directors) substantially more than that.

But as for someone who is just entering the field as a building architect, they should expect a salary somewhere in the range of SG$5,400.00 per month, which comes out to roughly SG$65,000.00 yearly. Meanwhile the lowest salaries can reach for a standard architect along the lines of SG$3,770.00 per month (about SG$45,000.00 for the year). And the median, from top to bottom, is considered to be somewhere in the region of SG$7,000.00 a month (SG$84,000.00 a year).


So while you would just be making about the recommended cost of living (or a bit lower) initially as an architect in Singapore, sticking with this career and moving up the hierarchical ladder accordingly can earn you an admirable salary later on. And even if one doesn’t make major career advancements per se, an average salary of SG$7,000.00 a month is better pay than many other professions, itself being a considerable amount of money above the standard cost of living. So even if you don’t reach the upper echelons of the architectural profession (as few do), you will still be pretty well-off so long as you don’t overspend.

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