Famous Singaporean Actors and Actresses

Over the last century, Singapore has etched its name in the universal film industry by producing some of the most talented actors. Most of these screen geniuses have portrayed memorable roles in television, film or theater settings, starring in horror, drama, fiction, action and comedy films among others. Scroll through the list below to find out some of Singapore’s best actors.

Aaron Aziz

Aaron Aziz
Aaron Aziz

He is recognized across several countries for his roles in Cinta Bollywood (2001-2002), Sepi (2001-2002) and KL Gangster (2011).

Adam Chen

Adam Chen has been active on the television and film scene since 2001, with his most notable role being in 2005 series Yummy Yummy.

Adam Chen
Adam Chen

Adrian Pang

He rose to popularity in the 90s for playing roles in television dramas produced by SPH Media Works and MediaCorp. He starred alongside Wang Lee Hom and Chris Hemsworth in 2015 Hollywood film Blackhat.

Janice Koh

Janice Koh
Janice Koh

Formerly nominated as a Member of Parliament, this actress is loved for her roles as Angela Ang in legal drama series, The Pupil and as Felicity Young in 2018 film Crazy Rich Asians.

Aileen Tan

Tan has received six consecutive nominations for Best Actress and is widely known for her roles in Three Women and a Half (2001), Measure of Man (2006), and Growing Up (1996-2001).

Alan Tern

His most notable television roles include The Hotel (2001), First Touch (2002), and A Song to Remember (2011).

Alaric Tay

Tay has played several lead roles in sitcoms including The Yang Sisters, Random Acts and Ang Tao Mui.

Alien Sun

After winning Miss Singapore Universe, Alien has built a successful career acting in films such as Project Gutenberg (2018), Island of Greed (1997), and In the Mood For Love (2000).

Allan Wu

Aside from hosting popular game show The Amazing Race, he is noted for portraying the role of Tang Ge in 2008 film Kung Fu Hip Hop, and for acting as Steven in The Leap Years (2008).

Andrew Seow

Seow is well-known for portraying the role of the angry eldest son in the family series titled Growing Up.

Andy Ho

Andy Ho was not only famous in the Singaporean film industry but also in Hollywood and London for his roles in Village Hall (1974), Swiss Family Robinson (1960) and The Avengers (1961).

Ang Ching Hui

Most fans will recognize this actress as the character Lee Xian Yun in the popular MediaCorp channel 5 television drama series titled Police and Thief.

Ann Kok

Ann has ranked among the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes from 1995-1999, then later from 2011 to 2013. She is known for starring in Housewives’ Holiday and in 2018 drama series Doppelganger.

Huang Biren

She rose to fame for starring in the hit series Stand By Me for which she won a Star Award for Best Actress in 1998.

Apple Hong

Apple’s first film role was in Jack Neo’s One More Chance (2005). She has gained more popularity over the years in dramas such as Hero In Black (2001), Three Wishes (2014) and The Queen (2016).

Ase Wang

This actress has been selected by FHM Magazine as the ‘Sexiest Asian’ on five different occasions. She has been casted in movies such as Clouds in My Coffee (2004) and Drink-Drank-Drunk (2005).

Ava Lyn Koh

Ava Lyn Koh is famous for playing roles in Crime of Passion (2001), 2010 film, Witchville, and Third Row Centre (2013)

Bella Esperance

This Singapore-born actress has earned a name for herself for her roles in 1992 film Bibir Mer, as well as Lady Dragon (1992) and its sequel Lady Dragon 2 (1993).

Brandon Wong

Brandon started acting in 1995 and has appeared in several popular television drama series. He is particularly famous for his role as comedian Wang Sha in the hit TV series Work of Life.

Bryan Wong

Bryan Wong
Bryan Wong

His most notable roles include Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story, and Chinese Paladin. He also played the lead character in the Singaporean series titled Zero.

Cal Bellini

Cal Bellini was famous for starring in Little Big Man (1970), Diagnosis: Unknown (1960), and Kate McShane (1975). He passed away in April 2017.

Caroline Cheong

She shot to fame in 2007 for starring as Victoria in the horror movie titled The Tattooist.

Chen Hanwei

Chen Hanwei
Chen Hanwei

2013 film Ghost Child, was the first movie Chen appeared in. He has gone on to receive several awards for other roles, including being ranked among the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes since 1995.

Chen Liping

In 2003, Liping was named Most Unforgettable TV Character for playing Miss Ai-Yo-Yo in the drama series Good Morning, Sir!

Chen Sucheng

Sucheng is widely known for varying roles in The Awakening, Pretty Faces, The Price of Peace, as well as Love at 0°C.

Chen Sing

Chen is best remembered for starring in the 1991 film, Double Impact, Fan dui mui (1984) and Shanghai 13 (1984).

Chen Tianwen

Tianwen rose to prominence in the 1990s with the MediaCorp Channel 8 series, The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown and Ah Boys to Men 2.

Chen Xiuhuan

Xiuhuan has starred in comedy film Luck Boy (2017) and been ranked number 10 among the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes at the 1st and 25th Star Awards Ceremony.

Cherie Lim

Before becoming the wife of billionaire Peter Lim, Cherie established a name for herself as a top actress playing roles in dramas such as Sweet Dreams, Young Justice Bao and The Future Is Mine.

Cheryl Chin

Cheryl Chin
Cheryl Chin

Mostly featured in drama and comedy series, Cheryl gained even more attention starring in 2010 hit action film Machete alongside Dan Trejo and Jessica Alba.

Chew Chor Meng

He starred in The Golden Path from 2007 to 2008, and appeared in 118 Reunion (2018).

Ng Chin Han

With a career spanning over 20 years, Chin Han is one of Singapore’s top internationally recognized actors. He has starred in US TV series such as Last resort, Arrow and Marco Polo.

Gwendolyn Yeo

Gwendolyn is best recognized for playing the role of Xiao-Mei in Desperate Housewives and for voicing the character of Shinigami in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Gong Li

Gong Li
Gong Li

Her notable film appearances include To Live (1994), Breaking the Silence (2000) and Curse of the Golden Flower (2006).

Cynthia Koh

Koh broke through in the film drama industry with her performance in the 1999 drama series, Stepping Out, for which she won a Best Actress Award.

Daisy Irani

Actress Daisy Irani rose to popularity for starring in 1995 sitcom Under One Roof. She later became MediaCorp’s English Entertainment Productions’ executive producer.

Daniel Ong

He is well noted for his role as Kiasee in the comic series named Mr. Kiasu.

Dasmond Koh

Dasmond Koh
Dasmond Koh

He has appeared in television series including A Toast of Love (2003) and Life Is Beautiful (2015). The first film he directed is the 2012 romantic drama, Timeless Love.

Dennis Chew

Dennis Chew
Dennis Chew

Chew is widely recognized for playing the role of Aunty Lucy in the 2009 comedy-satire show, Paris and Milan.

Desiree Ann Siahaan

She is best known for her appearances in 2007 films Marco Polo and Son of the Dragon.

Gurmit Singh

Gurmit is loved for starring in sitcom Phua Chu Kang Pte ltd. He was awarded Best Performance by an Actor at the Asian Television Awards on five different occasions.

Dick Su

Su gained prominence for acting in C.L.I.F (2011), Stories of Love, the Anthology S2 (2007), and Unriddle (2010).

Hong Huifang

Her roles in Housewives’ Holiday, The Price of Peace and Samsui Women have earned her international acclaim.

Edmund Chen

Noted as one of the country’s most prominent actors, he has appeared in high-profile series including Patrol, Star Maiden and Air Force.

Elvin Ng

Elvin is perhaps more popular after starring as autism patient Zou Jieming in the drama series Breakout.

Xiang Yun

She has worked in the country’s entertainment industry for over 2 decades, with her notable roles being blockbuster series, The Awakening and The Little Nyonya.

Fann Wong

Fann Wong
Fann Wong

In 1995, she became the first actress to win both Best Newcomer and Best Actress Awards at the Star Awards. She starred in the Hollywood 2013 film titled Shanghai Knights.

Felicia Chin

Felicia Chin
Felicia Chin

First starring in the 2003 drama series, Always on My Mind, Chin gained more attention playing the lead role in The Beginning (2006).

Aloysius Pang

Pang began acting at age 9 in dramas such as I love My Home (2004) and The Adventures of BBT (2002). He starred as the lead character in the 2012 film Timeless Love.

Hossan Leong

Hossan Leong
Hossan Leong

His most notable roles include The Fortune Handbook (2017), One Leg Kicking (2001) and the Channel 8 drama series Eat Already? 2 and Eat Already? 3.

Fiona Xie

Fiona Xie
Fiona Xie

Fiona is well recognized for her role as Kitty Pong in 2018 popular film Crazy Rich Asians and its sequel titled China Rich Girlfriend.

Fish Chaar

He is renowned for his appearances in Ah Boys to Men (2012), Pleasure Factory (2007) and Burn and the High Cost of Living (2006).

Michelle Goh

Internationally acclaimed actress, Michelle Goh has made appearances in TV drama series such as Smallville, Out for a Kill, Human Cargo and Da Vinci’s Inquest.

Michelle Gong

In 2008, she won the Best Comedy Actress award at the Asian Television Awards for her work in Sayang Sayang.

Glen Goei

Glen Goei
Glen Goei

Regarded as one of the Lion City’s top film directors, Glen is cherished for starring in the films Peggy Su! (1997) and I Have Loved (2011).

Pierre Png

Pierre’s most recognized roles include starring as Phua Chu Beng in Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, as Richard in Forever Forever (1998) and as Sean Tan in Missing (2018).

Phyllis Quek

Phyllis has appeared in at least 40 production dramas including My Teacher is a Thug (2017), The Best things in Life (2010), and The Little Fairy (2005).

Royston Tan

Royston Tan
Royston Tan

He first gained fame for his work in films such as Hock Hiap Leong (2001), Mother (2002) and Sons (2000).

Rui En

In 2006, Rui was listed as one of Mediacorp’s Seven Princesses. She has won several accolades for her roles in 2010 drama, With You and Unriddle 2.

Sharon Au

Au has featured in a number of drama series Hidden Scars (1997), The Hotel (1999), Oh Dad! (2004) and Tiramisu (2005).

Steph Song

FHM magazine’s Asian audience voted her the sexiest woman in the world in 2006. She is internationally recognized for her roles in Smallville(2009), The Listener (2009) and Paradox (2009).

Henry Thia

Thia’s most notable film roles include Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei (2018), Let’s Eat (2016), and Judgment Day (2013).

Hetty Sarlene

Not only is she a talented singer, but Hetty is noted for appearing in various films including Iskandar (2003), and Sembilu (2004-2005).

Tan Kheng Hua

This actress is best known for portraying Margaret in long-running sitcom, Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd.

Terrence Cao

This television actor first gained attention for starring in Sweet Dreams (1990), The Other Woman (1991) and The Hotel (2001).

Tay Ping Hui

Tay has been a well-known face in Singapore’s movie industry since he played the role of Huang Feihu in The Legend and the Hero.

Huang Wenyong

He was well-recognized for his appearances in films such as Seletar Robbery (1982), Thunder Plot (1994), and The Legendary Swordsman (2000).

Huang Yiliang

With a career spanning more than 20-years, Huang was awarded Best Supporting Actor during the Star Awards thrice.

Ivan Heng

Ivan Heng
Ivan Heng

He is famous for appearing in 1997 film The Fifth Element, Yellow Fever (1998) and Rogue Trader (1999).

Ivy Lee

She was best noted for partnering with Edmund Chen in the drama series, Double Happiness and Beyond the Axis of Truth.

Ix Shen

Born Ching-Shan Shen, this talented actor is recognized for his work in Wolf Warrior 2 (2017) and The Wandering Earth (2019).

Jacelyn Tay

She has been involved in several drama series including The Guest People (1997), Are You My Brother (1999) and the 2003 movie titled After School.

Jacintha Abisheganaden

Jacintha has featured her smooth vocals and skilled acting skills in comedy show, Mixed Signals, and starred alongside Lim Kay Tong in Love and Belacan.

Jack Neo

Popular for his cross dressing roles, Jack has gained fame for starring in Comedy Nite as Liang Po Po.

Jade Seah

She has featured in comedy series First Class, police drama series C.L.I.F and idol drama show Beach.Ball.Babes.

James Lye

Lye’s acting career peaked with his work in films such as VR Man, 2000 AD, and The Price of Peace (1997).

Jamie Yeo

Her first role that shot her to immediate success was as Tammy in family drama series titled Growing Up.

Jeanette Aw

She has achieved massive success in her acting career, particularly for her lead role in The Little Nyonya.

Jet Li

This list will be incomplete without mentioning Jet Li, one of the most famous actors. Though Chinese-born, Li is a naturalized citizen of Singapore and is renowned for his roles in Lethal Weapon 4 (1998), The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008).

Jimmy Nah

Jimmy rose to fame for his appearances in Live Again (2017), Homerun (2003) and Just Follow Law (2007). He is also a renowned comedian.

Jimmy Taeneka

He is noted for his works in Kung Fu Killer (2008), Dead Mine (2012) and The Man from Beijing (2011).

Lim Kay Tong

Regarded as Singapore’s best or finest actor, Lim is famous for his lead role in Perth (2004) and Growing Up ( 1996-2001)

Joanne Peh

Also named in 2006 as one of the Seven Princesses of Mediacorp, she is extremely popular for her role in Channel 5 series, Code of Law.

John Cheng

His first movie role was in Money No Enough, but he gained more fame after starring in Liang Po Po: The Movie.

Lim Kay Siu

He is the younger brother of Lim Kay Tong, and one of Singapore’s finest villain characters.

Joshua Ang

While working for Mediacorp, Ang starred in I Not Stupid (2002) and its sequel, I Not Stupid Too (2006) as well as We Not Naughty (2012).

Julia Nickson-Soul

She became famous for her role in the 1985 film Rambo: First Blood Part II.

Julian Hee

Hee’s most notable works include Women of Times (2006), Rubbers (2014) and Beyond the axis of Truth II (2005).

Zoe Tay

She has been labeled as ‘Ah Jie’ (senior actress) and named ‘Queen of Caldecott Hill’. Her most recognized works include Pretty |Faces, Mister John and You Can Be an Angel 2.

Kevin Mark Marghese

Kevin Mark Marghese is widely noted for his performance in the 1996 film titled Army Daze.

Kristopher Kum

He is well-recognized for his appearances in films such as Doctor Who (1963), The Rivers Flows East (1962) and Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978).


This entertainer has gained popularity for featuring in sitcom Oh Carol!, My Sassy Neighbor and 2001 film One Leg Kicking.

Kym Ng

Born Ng Kwee Khim, Kym is noted for her performances in films including Dance Dance Dragon (2012), Wayang Boy (2014) and Filial Party (2014).

Lance Lee Davis

Lance rose to prominence for starring in 2008 film The Love Guru, 2015 film Trumbo and 2019 film Bombshell.

Yeo Yann Yann

Her career spans across film, theatre and television production. She is particularly noted for her role in Singapore Dreaming and Thunderstorm.

Maverick Quek

Maverick is famous for his work in Soul Kitchen (2009), Berlin Berlin (2002) and AEon Flux (2005).

Nat Ho

He first starred in the drama series Shooting Star and soon landed the lead role in the film titled Smell of Rain.

Marcus Chin

He is best remembered for starring in Have a Little Faith, for which he earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Li Nanxing

Renowned actor Li Nanxing has been honored with numerous Best Actor Awards. He first rose to fame for his role in The Unbeatables I.

Patricia Mok

The ever-humorous Patricia Mok is noted for her appearances on Comedy Night and Absolutely Charming (2012).

NOTE: This list was prepared purely in an alphabetical order. The items on the list aren’t arranged in any particular order of importance.

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