Does Singapore Airport Have Smoking Areas?

Changi Airport

Singapore is noted for being a country which is relatively-strict in terms of its smoking laws. However, the Lion City is still sympathetic to smokers, and as such the Singapore Changi Airport does in fact possess designated smoking areas. Indeed there are a number of them located throughout the facility. Moreover it has been noted that the airport has both outdoor and indoor smoking zones. And with this indeed being Singapore, in the latter cases said areas are in fact air-conditioned to afford its visitors the best experience possible. 

A section of the Arrivals Hall at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

By contrast, it has also been pointed that there is no smoking whatsoever in a particular part of the facility known as the Jewel, which is a major tourist attraction that is attached to the airport.

You can smoke in certain designated areas of the transit areas of Changi’s terminals 1,2, and 3. They are as follows:

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