Does It Snow in Singapore?

Does it Snow in Singapore

If you are wondering whether it snows in Singapore, you should know it doesn’t. No, it does not snow in Singapore! The Lion City is an equatorial country, meaning that it has a tropical environment. This manifests itself in the nation having typically humid temperatures and only two seasons to speak of – a wet one and a dry one.

However, with Singapore being as technologically advanced as it currently is, this does not mean that people in the country cannot get a snow-filled experience. Interested parties can do so by visit a ‘snow center’, i.e. a facility that artificially produces snow.

Snow City

The most prominent amongst these in Singapore, which has been around since the year 2000, is a place called Snow City. Snow City is part of the Science Centre Singapore. They produce the snow by mixing liquid nitrogen with water. And the experience is made complete with additions such as the chamber of Snow City being artificially-cooled to temperatures that replicate actually being in a snowy environment.

But the time of year in which Singaporeans really get the feeling for snow is of course during the Christmas season. That is when a number of institutions put on holiday extravaganzas which feature ‘snow’ as one of their main attractions. For instance, the Gardens by the Bay holds its “Christmas Wonderland” annually, which reportedly features snow. Universal Studios also has Christmastime activities in which snowfall is promised.

But given the nature of Singapore’s environment, these activities are logically limited in terms of replicating a true icy experience. So if a person in the Lion City really wants to see how it feels like being in the frost, their best bet would be to visit Snow City, which was specifically designed for that purpose.  It is either that or perhaps traveling to a nearby country that actually has a winter, like China.

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