Clarke Quay, Singapore

Clarke Quay

Situated alongside the banks of the Singapore River, the ever-gorgeous Clarke Quay is an interesting place to be during the daytime, and is even more fun when its famous bars and nightclubs light up the place in the nights. This is why it is included in many a list of the Top Places to Visit in Singapore.

In Clarke Quay, you will find several stunning buildings with designs inspired by the colonial era, as well as the River, which was once a major center of attraction. While exploring the area, you can take a ride on the bumboats to see other beautiful landmarks in the city.

Obviously, the best time to visit modern-day Clarke Quay is night time where you can hang out at exquisite restaurants or hit the dancefloor in world-class clubs. Attica and Zouk are the names of the biggest nightclubs in Singapore, which can all be found in the vicinity, perfect for people who enjoy dancing in a wild atmosphere. Another popular place worth visiting is the F. Club which focuses on serving hip-hop as well as electronic music fans with the right vibes. Famous for its impressive interior design, parties at this venue go deep into the night and never get boring.

Restaurants and Bars in Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay has a wide range of bars and restaurants which are splendid for hanging out and making memories with loved ones. For an upbeat vibe, cool atmosphere and affordable beverages, be sure to visit Get Juiced, if you’re on a tight budget.

The Crazy Elephant is another fantastic joint to enjoy a good time with an interesting music preference reminiscent of classic 70s US bars. You can also pass by Chupitos Shots Bar to kick in some shots, or the country’s first arcade bar, Level Up. Here, you can recreate your 80s or 90s experience by playing either Super Mario or Donkey Kong while sipping on your favorite drinks.

There are also superb eateries in this area. Notable among them being the Ramen Keisuke Lobster King, a Japanese restaurant that prepares tantalizing dishes such as the Lobster Broth Ramen which is a must-have. The Tongkang Riverboat Dining, found inside two of the docked bumboats gives its patrons a superb view of the River, while serving them fresh and tasty seafood made by its talented chefs.

Clarke Quay’s Major Attractions

There’s no doubt that nightlife in this vicinity is fantastic, but there are many historical attractions you can check out during daytime. One of them is the Fort Canning Park, otherwise called Bukit Larangan, meaning Forbidden Hill, or simply Singapore Hill. This tourist site happens to be the former residence of Singapore’s British colonial founder, Stamford Raffles.

The place was named the ‘Forbidden Hill’ by native Malays who believe that the ancient royals are buried here, and for that matter is haunted.

Be sure not to miss other famous attractions that are a short walking distance from Clarke Quay, including the following:

  • British-inspired Asian Civilizations Museum
  • The statues of Sir Stamford Raffles situated at the façade of Victoria theatre
  • The Central Fire Station
  •  Raffles Place
  • Civil Defence Heritage Gallery
  • The Hong San See Temple
  • The Arts House Screening room.

For a thrilling and more adventurous experience, the G-Max Reverse Bungy and Locked Singapore game are perfect for Clarke Quay’s visitors.

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  1. October 12, 2019

    […] Clarke Quay is located near the Marina Bay, where you’re likely to spend a good deal of your time in Singapore. Last but not least, we had to give the Quay a shoutout because it’s the center of the country’s nightlife. That means you can go there to enjoy an endless stream of clubs and restaurants. Moreover, being situated on the River means that some of the venues are actually set in the water, as in floating eateries. In fact being located at the mouth of the Singapore River, Clarke Quay is a place you will likely encounter at some time during your tenure in Singapore. And we understand that not all travelers are into partying. But if you are, then make sure to spend at least one evening at this location.  […]

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