Cheap Places to live in Singapore

Cheap Places to live in Singapore

Finding an affordable place to rent in Singapore, with its infamously high cost of living, can be quite a challenge. So we have compiled this list in hopes of making this task easier for you by not only pointing out neighborhoods were rent prices are more considerate but also some of the advantages of residing in each. 


Bukit Merah is a neighborhood on the mainland just north of Sentosa Island. In fact this is where Mount Faber, where you can catch a cable car to Sentosa, is located. And it is also noted for being one of the most economically-priced areas when it comes to renting an entire flat. Indeed it is home to a number of residential high rises and is one of the highest-populated towns in the country. 

Benefits to living in Bukit Merah include its close proximity to Singapore’s business center, the Downtown Core. It also has a number of shopping and recreational choices either located in the ‘hood or nearby which residents can enjoy, such as Orchard Road, Vivo City or the aforementioned Mount Faber. Indeed in terms of its closeness to major landmarks, Bukit Merha is one of the more-strategically placed neighborhoods on the island. And the best part is you can land an entire apartment in the community for only around SGD$2,500/month. 


Bedok currently holds the distinction of being the most-populated town in Singapore. However, it is not known for overpopulation or anything like that. Rather what the neighborhood is most-famous for is its innumerable and enjoyable eating options. And it has been noted that the reason the area is so populated is due to the affordability of housing there. Moreover due to the sheer plethora eating options (which include more than enough hawking centers), dining options in Bedok are also reasonably-priced. 

Here you can secure an entire apartment for less than SGD$2,000/month. A single room can also be rented for less than $500. And even condos in Bedok are reasonably-priced compared to some other parts of the Lion City, with some three-bedroom condominiums for as cheap as $3,000. 

Another advantage of residing in Bedok is that the area is very commuter-friendly. There are currently six MRT stations in the town, with an additional five slated to be operational by 2024. So even though is a bit further from the Downtown Core, that doesn’t mean it is a forgotten part of the Lion City. In fact it is one of the nation’s planning areas where internal development is most-pronounced. 


West of Bedok is a neighborhood known as Geylang. Geylang is home of the only government-sanctioned red-light district in the entirety of Singapore. That means there are a number of brothels, albeit legal ones, to be found in the ‘hood. But outside of that, it also has a strong history of entertaining foreigners from various parts of the world. 

Geylang being racy is not to imply that it is downtrodden in any sort of way. In fact whereas it may be where most of Singapore’s sex trade is concentrated, it also houses the highest number of the island’s religious institutions. But the neighborhood’s less-than-ideal reputation can prove advantageous to renters. For here you can acquire apartments on the low-end of the price spectrum, between SGD$2,000-3,000 and studios for even less than that. Also Geylang has one of Singapore’s largest single-room markets, if that’s what you’re looking for. Moreover it is quite close to the Marina Bay. So let’s say there are advantages and disadvantages, depending on one’s perspective, to living in Geylang. 


Admiralty is a suburb located in northern Singapore which is part of the general area known as the Woodlands. This tends to be one of the more-economical housing sections of the country considering that it is not terribly close to the Downtown Core. Yet it is still easily-accessible to the south via the MRT and motorways.  And it is also one of the ideal parts of the Lion City to live in if you want to be close to Malaysia. 

You can score accommodation in Admiralty for as low as SGD$500/month going. The lower prices would of course be for single rooms. And whereas apartments can be a bit more-costive, relatedly they are still more economical than some other areas. 

Also as we have noted before, up north is one of the better parts of Singapore to raise a family in. So if such is actually your goal and want to save money in the process, that is yet another reason to consider making Admiralty your home. And also as a side note, the freshly-built Kampung Admiralty complex is ideal for urban-senior living. 


It’s rare that we discuss western Singapore on this platform. Places like the Marina Bay, Sentosa Island and Orchard Road deservedly get more attention. But from a housing perspective there are benefits to lesser-known neighborhoods. For instance, Boon Lay is rich in HDB Flats, which can be acquired here at prices a lot cheaper than in most other parts of the country. In fact if you are looking for an entire, multi-room apartment for less than $3,000/month, Boon Lay would be one of the first places to peruse. 

As a resident of Boon Lay you would have firsthand access to a number of Singapore’s top attractions such as the Jurong Bird Park, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and a museum dedicated to the Japanese occupation of the island during World War II. Commercial-wise you can also enjoy the Boon Lay Shopping Center and Jurong Point Mall. And interestingly enough, this is also where you would find the start-off point for the Malaysian Inter-State Express Bus. So Boon Lay is also a cool option is you have ties to Malaysia yet opt to reside more to the south of Singapore. 


Whampoa is another part of the Lion City where you can score a two-bedroom apartment for less than SGD$3,000/month. There are also plenty of single rooms in the area, most for less than $1,000, though there are upscale rooming options available also. 

Whampoa hold s a special place on this list because out of all the neighborhoods mentioned it is the one closest to the Downtown Core. It is also known as being quite senior-friendly. However, it isn’t as large as some of the other communities on this list.  So if you believe you would like to reside in Whampoa, the sooner you start exploring residential opportunities there the better. Indeed this is about as close to the Downtown Core as you can get without paying more than $3,000 for an apartment. 


Yes, Singapore is an expensive country to live in.  So the more informed you (as a resident) are about the island’s housing choices the better. And along those same lines we hope this article has helped you to identify some of the more-affordable yet enjoyable living options in the Lion City.

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