Can You Hold Hands in Public in Singapore?

Public Affection in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most disciplined places to be, however they are not an Islamic country. Owing to this, human show of affection is allowed so far as it is not obscene or offensively intimate. Holding hands is very much allowed in the country, so lovebirds as well as families can feel free to do so even in the clear view of the public.

It’s probably a bad idea to attract public attention by holding a partner’s hand, if you are gay, since this is still very illegal in Singapore. The country legally frowns on gay acts as stipulated in Section 37 A under the Outrage of Indecency Act which condemns men who attempt or go ahead to showcase any sign or indulge in any indecent act with another male. Persons caught may be sent to jail to face a maximum sentence of 2 years. Men who inappropriately touch women can be punished with a jail term as this is considered a crime against modesty.

Generally, the country is quite friendly and accommodating towards everyone, especially foreigners and tourists. However, nobody really wants to see your demonstrative acts of affection, as such they should be kept to the confines of your room to avoid any trouble. Holding hands is quite common and not an illegal act, but going overboard with fondling may attract stares and a possible punishment.

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  1. Jason says:

    This article is factually inactivate to the point that is is misleading. First, being gay in Singapore is not a crime. Two men having gay sex is illegal under 377A of the Penal Code, I assume the writer made a mistake when referring to a 37 of the Outrage Indecency Act, which does not exist. However, the government has indicated that it would not prosecute two consenting male adults in private. Singapore does indeed have a narrow and bigoted mindset when it comes to gay rights. My view is that society needs to see more gay people in public and the worst that can happen is a stare which never killed anyone or resulted in a criminal record!

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