Can You Flush Toilet Paper in Singapore?

Flushing toilet paper in Singapore

If you are wondering whether you can flush toilet paper in Singapore, the answer is yes. Yes, you can. Toilet facilities in Singapore are mostly clean and upheld, especially in public spaces such as malls and restaurants. Flushing toilet paper is quite common and accepted in these places especially because the modern lavatory facilities are built to deal with it. However, you may find certain public toilets have bins in which you have to drop your paper, while there may be a few squat toilets with a hose for washing instead of cleaning with paper.

The practice of using bidets is quite common in Asian countries, especially because their facilities are not built to take toilet paper, as it easily clogs their sewage system. Considering Singapore’s advancement in sanitation and modern facilities, it is not a major problem to flush tissue. Then again, in facilities where you are provided with bins and instructed, do well to drop them in bins to prevent problems.

Singapore takes its sanitation seriously, and this includes its toilets. It’s so important that the country has several undercover police personnel who issue spot fines to any person they see breaking the laws. These officers often check the public toilets after use and even go the extent of installing security cameras, especially in the ones they may have received complaints from, in order to catch offenders. Be sure not to forget to flush your business after visiting a public toilet as you can easily be caught and slapped with a fine of about $150.

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