Can Women Wear Shorts in Singapore?

Can Ladies wear shorts in Singapore?

Dressing or fashion in Singapore is not as strict as it is often perceived. It generally varies from individuals, with the younger generation being liberal and trendy. The older generation, on the other hand, dresses more conservatively. The keyword especially for tourists however is to look classy and not wear something too crazy from the norm, so that you don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

But can women wear shorts in Singapore?

Ladies can absolutely wear shorts in this country, as this is frequently worn by locals without any problems. The only exception will be places of worship such as mosques and temples where showing one’s thighs or bare shoulders for both genders are forbidden. It is also likely that you may not be allowed in fancy restaurants or places that demand a more formal dress code than some casual shorts and a top. Aside that, ladies are free to dress in the style that is most comfortable to them since the country is not strict on clothing. And besides you should know that Singapore is a democratic country.

Don’t worry about that. Worry about this!

Instead of worrying about a non-existent dress code, you may want to choose your clothing style based on the weather. The weather in Singapore can be quite heated up to about 32°C during the daytime and up to 22°C at night. Due to the scorchy sun outdoors, it is expedient to wear clothes that will not add to the heat. It is advisable to wear shorts made of cotton or linen, as these are porous and allow more air. Denim shorts may not be a good choice due to the hot weather. They can get very irritable as they are heavier and trap more heat.

The atmosphere in malls, restaurants and closed public areas is quite different as they are fully air-conditioned and may even get chilly most of the time. Do well to carry a jacket with you or cover up a bit more if you would be staying for long in such places.

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