Best Places to go on a Date in Singapore

Cool Places to go on a Date in Singapore

One of the main benefits of writing or even reading a blog like this is that you become aware of many of the diverse, top-notch venues which Singapore has to offer. And there are many beautiful places located in the Lion City where you can take a date, depending on y’all mood and preference at that particular time. Moreover, this is one of the situations in which the country’s relatively-small size is actually advantageous. That is to say that regardless of what part of the island you may be in, you can still get to just about any destination and back within a single day. So if you are in fact located in Singapore, here is a list of some places we have gathered that you may even want to visit with your significant other this very evening. And just to note, considering that romantic dating is usually conducted at night we focused more on the evening hours in putting this list together.


The Marina Bay Sands is, by definition, a casino. So if you or your partner have an issue with gambling, perhaps you may opt to avoid this facility altogether. But the truth is that there are so many different functions operating on the Sands’ compound that it is virtually a city within itself. For instance, the ArtsScience Museum is an option for those who appreciate art mixed with technology. And there are also a number of restaurants which are part of the facility where you can enjoy some of the best local or international dishes Singapore has to offer, including from outside countries like China, Japan, Italy and the United States. But if we are talking about dating, you definitely want to take advantage of one of the most-popular features the Marina Bay Sands has to offer, which is the breathtaking view it affords to visitors. So for instance you definitely will go there with something like the Ce La Vi Restaurant and Skybar, where you and your babe can have a meal and drinks on top of the 50+ storey hotel, in mind.


As its name implies the Gardens by the Bay is first and foremost a botanical garden. As such, it may have a particular appeal to the more intellectually-minded daters out there.  But there is a lot more going on here that you would traditionally find in such venues.  For instance, the place is extremely colorful and high-tech. In other words, if you and/or your date like bright lights, you would want to consider this option. Moreover there are more than enough attractions on the compound to spark meaningful conversations between you and your sweetheart which transcend outside of the usual topics of romance. And even more importantly to potential daters, the Gardens by the Bay is open at night.

In fact it is during the night when the place really comes alive. So after spending some time taking advantage of its splendor, such as chillin’ in the Supertree Grove while enjoying the Garden Rhapsody music and light show, you may decide to head over to a restaurants located in or near the Bay, where alternatives may prove surprisingly diverse. In fact one of the three McDonald’s restaurants located in Singapore is connected to the Gardens by the Bay.


This is perhaps the most-expensive option on this list. However, sometimes you have to go the extra dollar to truly impress the one you dig. And at the end of the day, only a few select people on the entire face of the Earth can brag about having a full-service, four-course dinner not only on top of observation (i.e. Ferris) wheel but also one of the largest ones ever at that. Yes, there are quite a few places in the Lion City where one can enjoy a night out on the town from a high altitude. But no one can deny that the Singapore Flyer is perhaps the most-unique choice amongst them.

Thus it would be virtually impossible for your date not to be impressed after spending an evening dining inside one of the sophisticated capsules on the Singapore Flyer reserved just for the two of you. But as stated, you have to be willing to pay for it. And at last tally, a dinner for two will set you back over SGD$350.00.


Spending a night out on the town with the apple of your eye – partaking of food, drink and socializing with groovy people like yourselves – can prove to be a fruitful experience even when done most simply. However, sometimes you may crave more of an adventurous date – the type of outing that maybe one day y’all can tell your kids about.

This is the kind of experience you will get by visiting the Singapore Zoo’s Night Safari.  You can even arrange for a private tour for you and your sweetie. The package comes complete with an interactive event known as the “Creatures of the Night Show”.  Moreover there are eateries inside the facility that don’t even open until the evening. In other words, some of the Night Safari caters specifically to the prime dating hours.  Moreover it boasts of its own Ben & Jerry’s, if that’s you or your darling’s sort of thing. So again, it is the perfect place if you want to truly have a memorable, lasting experience, complete with witnessing firsthand some of the exotic species of the world


Imagine this – you and sweetheart cruising down the Singapore River in a boat reserved just for two. The waters are calm and the passage safe and reliable. And while making cozy, you’re simultaneously by the bright lights of some of the most-impressive and advanced architecture on the face of the planet.

All of this is available to you via a private river cruise. Also you can hire a package where dinner is served on board. And as you may have correctly presumed, such ventures can be a bit costive. However, there is also the option of joining a romantic-dinner cruise alongside other couples, at a more reasonable price. But regardless of what option you choose, this is one of the more-tranquil ways to enjoy the island.


Sentosa Island is one of the more internationally-recognized parts of the Lion City, the part of the country where the likes of Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un come to hangout.  And accordingly it has its fair share of fancy eateries. For instance, there is the Ocean Restaurant where you and your boo while dine with sharks and other sea creatures literally swimming past in the background.

But the cool thing about Sentosa, as illustrated by Ocean Restaurant, is the sheer diversity of chillin’ options available. For example, you can go out for a candlelit dinner on the beach. Or, if you’re once again into that sky-dining sort of thing, the two of you can ride in a specially reserved, private cable car (from Mt. Faber, which we will get to shortly) that comes with its own date-worthy four-course meal. Or considering that the island is not only naturally-beautiful but artificially-magnificent (including being home to Universal Studios Singapore), you and that lucky person can revel in it simply by traversing the land mass on foot and relishing a more down-to-earth form of consumption, such as hitting up one of Sentosa’s numerous pizza joints.


Many couples’ idea of a good date is hitting up the club scene. If such is the case and you want to go somewhere with plenty of options, then your best bet would be to head to up Clarke Quay. Here, on the banks of the Singapore River, is where you will find the highest concentration of popular Singaporean nightclubs. The list includes Zouk, Phuture by Zouk, Attica, Get Juiced and the Canvas Club. Those in the know recognize these names as some of the most-bumping venues in the Lion City. And overall the area is such that you can enjoy the atmosphere even if you don’t enter a club per se – barhopping as some would say. That is because overall Clarke Quay is the location of numerous bars and eateries and is also a cool place to visit if you enjoy seafood. And being a clubbin’ ‘hood, they really know how to get down at night.


Chalk this up to another one those types of unique experiences which places like Singapore have to offer. You can actually tour the country via a Gourmet Bus which, as its name implies, doubles as an A-class eatery. The food itself is not prepared on the vehicle but rather via a couple of gourmet restaurants the tour company has partnered with.  And the coolest thing about the whole experience is that you’re actually moving while dining, partaking of the splendor of the Lion City in a way vastly different from say the Singapore Flyer or a river tour. Also the Gourmet Bus Tour consists of a 30-minute stop at the Gardens by the Bay, so you can kill two birds with one stone. This is a must-try for those who desire a deviation from the standard dinner/date format but still want access to top-of-the-notch food.


Technically Mount Faber is a hill, standing at 94 meters (300+ feet) high. It provides an elevated, 360° view of the Lion City a bit more inland and to the west from the Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer. And at its peak is a recreational area as well as some of the finest eateries on the island such as Good Old Days, Dusk Restaurant & Bar and Arbora restaurant. Indeed there are a number of restaurants one can choose from, each with its own unique stylings and view of the country.


Some people may consider a romantic night on the town as one in which they partake of the performing arts. If such is the case, then there’s a good chance you should catch a show at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.

As its name implies the Esplanade is found on the Marina Bay, an area which itself is full of excitement. And even outside of live performance, you will be treated to a state-of-the-art facility – which is a joy simply to tour. So this is definitely another venue to consider if you or your partner is into the arts, with the Esplanade also acting as a museum. Also their shows, most of which are free, are diverse enough to satisfy a number of different entertainment tastes. Additionally it is adjacent to the Esplanade Mall, and there are a variety of eateries in the area. So overall, visiting the Esplanade is one of your safest bets if you want to go on a date somewhere where there are a lot of people around, but perhaps you aren’t quite sure exactly what to do to entertain yourself. That is to say that something going on there will undoubtedly grab your attention.


And speaking of theaters, we haven’t forgotten that one of the tried-and-true ways to ensure a successful dating experience is by taking that special someone out to see a movie. And of course the Lion City boasts of a number of movie theatres including the Shaw Theatres, which feature IMAX. However, perhaps the most-famous of all is the VivoCity branch of the Golden Village theater franchise. This venue boasts of over a dozen screens and features films from the West as well as other parts of Asia. That is to say that on any given day there will by all means being something showing that interests you. 

Also if you really want to get cozy (as some people on movie dates tend to do), you may want to patronize one of the theatres premium options, such as private lounging where you will be in a smaller viewing room with only a few other customers. Indeed the Golden Village is so pimped out that some of its packages even feature food delivered right to your theater seat. And of course in terms of actually showing movies it utilizes the latest in cinema technology. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, Golden Village is part of a chain which can be located on various parts on the island. So if you’re far away from VivoCity, you don’t necessarily have to go there to enjoy the Golden Village experience.


There are so many cool places to take a date in Singapore that it was challenging picking out a venue to finally close this list. But we decided to go with the Bukit Batok Nature Park. Yes, the park does feature its own Night Safari, which also happens to be very-reasonably priced. But more to the point is that this is one of the better locations, despite being a public facility, to enjoy a dimly-lit evening setting with your boo boo. Indeed some parts of the Nature Park can get so dark at night that it is advised you bring your own light, just in case. But of course it is not mandatory that you venture too deep into the darkness. And there is quite a diverse international menu on hand to partake of in the area before or after strolling through the park itself.


Singapore is a country which prides itself on top-notch leisure and entertainment options. This may seem somewhat strange coming from a nation known for having strict laws, but perhaps the leaders of the Lion City know that tight rules can only be counteracted with big fun. And how this relates to the dating scene is that if you do find yourself in the Lion City alongside a special someone, there is no shortage of choices in terms of places you can go to enjoy yourselves. 

Indeed whether your date is into the arts, nature, fine dining, barhopping, sky dining, movies or whatever the case may be, you will be all means find a place to impress him or her. In fact practically all of the venues mentioned above are a combination of a number of attractions. And that special someone is indeed lucky to have you – a partner who is wise enough to research which of the Lion City’s plethora of hotspots he or she may enjoy the most.

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