Best Nightclubs in Singapore

Best Nightclubs in Singapore

Singapore possesses what we will refer to as a social dichotomy. On one hand, in terms of law enforcement it is ranked amongst the strictest countries on Earth. However, the nation-state also boasts some of the most-colorful and carefree nightspots in the world.  Indeed considering the overall effort which Singaporeans formally vest into making their nation great, it’s only logical that the same type of commitment is afforded to leisure activities. And on this post, we will briefly explore some of the most-renowned nightclubs in the Lion City.

Marquee Singapore

The Marquee Singapore has a number of factors working in its favor which has earned it the distinction of being arguably the most-popular nightclub in Singapore. Perhaps at the very top of its attributes is the fact that it is located in the Marina Bay Sands. And the Marina Bay Sands itself is perhaps the most-famous venue in the Lion City at the moment. On top of that, the Marquee is actually a franchise based in New York which has branches in Nevada and Australia in addition to Singapore. That means it is genuinely international in scope, and sometimes even foreign musicians come over to perform. 

Additionally – and this is one you have to brace yourself for – there is a Ferris wheel located inside the club. No, it may not be on par with the Singapore Flyer, but it symbolizes the overall aesthetic and uniqueness of the Marquee, as if its architects attempted to capture the excitement of the Marina Bay itself within a confined space. But this is not to imply that said space is small, since as it stands now the Marquee Singapore is the largest nightclub in the country.

Cé La Vi

Cé La Vi is another nightclub which, as you can probably deduce from its name, is international in scope. Moreover it is known to appeal to a more mature, well-to-do type of crowd. Cé La Vi is also located in the Marina Bay Sands – or rather let’s say on top of it, as it is actually found up on its more-exclusive SkyPark. So if you aren’t into heights, perhaps this wouldn’t be the best place for you. But if you are into partying while simultaneously enjoying a rich, panoramic view of pretty much the entire Lion City, then Cé La Vi is definitely one of the places you would want to hit up. And as implied earlier, it is definitely one of the best nightclubs in terms of hobnobbing with some of the wealthier partygoers in the Lion City.

Bang Bang

Of course not everyone wants to shell out big bucks in the name of partying. Some people just want to enjoy their basic human right to get their groove on, even if there is no Ferris wheel or breathtaking views involved. Or stated otherwise, they want to party for free.  And such individuals would naturally be attracted to a venue like Bang Bang, which doesn’t have a cover charge. Moreover it is found in another famous hotel, the Pan Pacific Singapore, which is located on the Marina Bay. Additionally if you look at some of the international stars who visited Bang Bang, its list may read even more impressive than that of the Marquee Singapore. 

So don’t let the lack of a cover charge fool you. But, as the old saying goes, nothing is truly free. So whereas Bang Bang may not charge you to get in, there’s also the possibility that a visitor may be denied entry altogether. Also VIPers logically get preferential treatment from the staff as opposed to conventional partygoers. In terms of gaining access, it has been advised that you arrive early to avoid large crowds, as the venue can only accommodate up to 400 people. Indeed the place is quite popular. For it is actually quite a colorful and high-tech venue to behold once you do enter. And it has also been noted as one of the premiere spots in Singapore to hold a private or themed party.

Lulu’s Lounge

Not to be outdone by some competing facilities, the Pan Pacific Singapore houses more than one prominent nightclub. For instance, there we also have what is referred to as Lulu’s Lounge. It is more of an adult venue soring a relatively-high entry limit of 21 years for girls and 25 years for guys. It is also recognized as being one of the more upscale clubs in terms of dress code and things of the such. However, Lulu’s will make your additional effort payoff if for instance you’re into burlesque shows, live jazz bands or prefer a mature type of ambiance. Also, Lulu’s is known for truly playing all types of popular music from the Western world.

Empire Sky Lounge

Elevated, scenic view of Singapore are somewhat ubiquitous. And for those who prefer such in a party experience, the Empire Sky Lounge is another hangout they can consider.  For the record, it is not classified as a club per se but rather more like a lounge. But outside of being situated on the 45th floor of the Singapore Land Tower, which is a skyscraper found in the Downtown Core, the spot is also designed to appeal to a more-mature crowd than a conventional club. For instance, ladies have to be at least 21 years of age and men 25. It is also one of the few spots on this list that is actually open throughout most of the week, making it a cool place to chill alongside co-workers. So again whereas it may not necessarily be a dancehall type of experience, the Empire Sky Longue is still complete with loud music, bright lights, plenty of cool people and of course a bar.


Zouk holds the distinction of being the longest-tenured nightclub in the Lion City. And accordingly it is amongst the most-popular, being considered by many Singaporeans to be the best club the city has to offer. It has even been formally recognized numerous times in that regard by the Singapore Tourism Board itself. It is not located on the Marina Bay but rather near a slightly-inner, albeit still scenic part of the island which is known as Clarke Quay. Also this club is renowned enough to occasionally feature A-list international DJs. Moreover on top of literally being lit (i.e. possessing an impressive lighting system), Zouk is also multi-faceted, featuring events such as film screenings, art exhibits, etc.

Phuture by Zouk

Part of the reason Zouk is so effective as a nightclub is because it is actually part of an international chain of such establishments – a franchise that is even more extensive than the Marquee. And even within Singapore itself it has different, unique chains. For instance, there is Phuture by Zouk. And basically what we have here is a more-affordable version of Zouk which is specifically designed to cater to a younger crowd. What that means for instance is that they play a lot more hip-hop and R&B music. So if those specific genres appeal to you, than Phuture is the place to be.


Like the two previous entries on this list, Attica is another of the nighttime hotspots that you’ll find in Clarke Quay. And like Zouk, it is one of the longest-standing nightclubs to be found in the Lion City, and its overall popularity reflects that realty. Attica has also been noted for being a quite spacious and enjoyable experience. And outside of that another appeal it has to patrons is its affordability, especially as it relates to receiving ladies. 

So whereas, as expected, it is indeed a flashy facility, this is one of those types of clubs that is more dedicated to visitors having fun than anything else. Attica has built up its reputation more as a local hotspot as opposed to an international club. So if you really want to get in touch with the domestic dance scene, this would be the place to hit up. But that being said, it has also been making conscientious efforts to attract a wider audience in recent years. And accordingly the discothèque recently changed its name to F Club x Attica.

Get Juiced

We’ve already alluded to the fact in a prior post that Clarke Quay is the center of Singaporean nightlife. The Marina Bay may be more-renowned in terms of being a general tourist area. But when it comes to enjoying the Lion City during the evening hours, the Quay is the direction where you want to be headed. As such it is no surprise that yet another of its nightclubs has made the list, this time being the creatively named Get Juiced. 

This huge club/lounge/bar holds the distinction of being the first cashless nightclub in Singapore’s history. So if you’re a partygoer who is also interested in the latest technological trends in Singaporean society, Get Juiced is obviously a place you would want to visit. Indeed Get Juiced has its own app that patrons can download to not only purchase discounted, expedient food and drinks but also get access to the club itself without waiting on a long queue.

Canvas Club

Another aspect of Singaporean society which we have harped on in the past is its strong dedication to the arts. As such it should be no surprise that someone had the idea to morph a nightclub and art gallery into one with the amply named Canvas Club. That is to say that during the daytime, you can hit up this venue on Circular Road (in Clarke Quay of course) to enjoy art exhibitions or even live entertainment such as stand-up comedy.  But in the night it’s clubbing time, albeit in a more-artsy type of atmosphere than you would find in a conventional nightclub. So the Canvas Club is sort of like a place where two completely-different fields of entertainment meet as one.


1-Altitude’s website advertises it as the “world’s highest alfresco gastro lounge”. That’s another way of saying that it is in fact an open-air experience – located all the way up on the roof of the 63-storey One Raffles Place skyscraper – with an above-average cuisine also being available. In fact it is technically Singapore’s highest-elevated longue. Meanwhile its sister facility, Altimate, is situated on the 61st floor of the same building.  It’s known for being relatively-swanky compared to some of the other entries on this list.  That is to say that it holds a special appeal amongst the professional as opposed to layman crowd. But at the same time, the venue features one of the best audio/visual systems out there. 

So if bumping sounds and extravagant lights get you going, then you would want to visit Altimate. Or if you’re in love with panoramic views while getting your chill on, then you’ll enjoy 1-Altitude. Or if you’re into both of the aforementioned, then you’d probably find yourself spending a significant amount of time between 1-Altitude and Altimate.

Tanjong Beach Club

In the name of diversity, we also wanted to give a shoutout to the Tanjong Beach Club before closing out this list. This venue is arguably a beach resort moreso than a nightclub. But that doesn’t prevent the crowd from getting their groove on, swimming pool style, into the wee hours of the morning during the weekends. And being situated on the swanky Sentosa Island, needless to say it is a classy experience despite being devoid of a cover charge. However, being that Sentosa is relatively remote, getting off the island during the early morning may not be that simple as some of the nightclubs located inland.


There are of course other nightclubs that we could have mentioned, such as always-poppin’ Headquarters by The Council or Kilo Lounge, the latter of which even has its own designated reggae night. Indeed for such a small city, Singapore really does sport an abundance of nightclubs. And there’s something for every type of socializer – from the loud, noisy settings like Zouk to the more laid-back, chill out spots like 1-Altitude. But generally speaking, most of the action is concentrated around the Marina Bay and definitely in the Clark Quay area. 

So even if you’re not sure exactly where you want to hit up, you can just browse the Quay for instance until you find the perfect spot that draws you in.

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