Air Conditioner Servicing in Singapore

Air Conditioner Servicing

Air conditioner servicing is as essential as purchasing an air conditioner in Singapore, due to the Island City’s year-round hot and humid weather.

Not only is air conditioner servicing relevant in prolonging the lifespan of the unit itself, but it is also effective for preventing any kind of water leakages, keeping the interior and air that comes out clean, while maintaining the efficiency of the air conditioner as a whole.

Why an air conditioner should be serviced

Several households neglect servicing their air conditioning units and this more often than not results in them spending more money for a major repair or having to discard the unit altogether when it finally breaks down.

Like every other machine, air-conditions require regular maintenance to keep them in their best shape and ensure that they are functioning properly. When air conditioners are serviced by professionals, the units are better maintained, have a longer life-span and save the owner more money at the end of the day.

Let’s now delve into some of the key reasons why it is important to service an air conditioner.

Staying Healthy

This is by far the most crucial of all the reasons why it is important to service an air conditioner. You, your family, clients or whoever is going to enjoy the unit needs to stay in good health by breathing in good and clean air. It is easy for air conditioners to become clogged with dust, dirt and all manner of bacteria. When that happens, it can result in several health issues for those inhaling its air, particularly if such people are already suffering from conditions such as allergies or asthma. To avoid such health complications therefore, it is prudent to service air conditioners to get rid of all the clogged dirt and bacteria, so that it will only circulate clean, fresh air in that space or room.

Extending its Lifespan

Like most other machines, you also need to service air conditioner units to ensure that they are effectively running in their best condition. If you properly maintain your unit by constantly checking it appropriately, you would in the long-run be prolonging its life span. This is because it will mostly be performing at its peak and in the best of conditions. A professional service technician will ensure that the right things are done at the appropriate time to keep the unit functioning as long and as effectively as they can.

Reduce or prevent Major breakdowns

Now one thing every air conditioning unit owner dreads is when the machine totally breaks down in the middle of the day. Not only will it disrupt your planned schedule for the day but frustrate you and all the people around you because of the unbearable heat. If you want to avoid such an unpleasant situation or reduce the risk of having to deal with them, it is extremely important to have your air conditioner serviced regularly. By doing so, the technicians can easily deal with all the minor issues and prevent them from causing an unexpected major breakdown later.

Saving Costs

In the long run, the costs of repairing when there are major breakdowns and the electricity bills when your unit is faulty are much higher than servicing the air conditioner once in a while. As you’re already aware, poor maintenance will not only result in bigger problems or a likely breakdown in the future but higher electricity bills when the cooling efficiency reduces. Saving some money plus the stress involved when major issues occur is one good reason why it is better to service your units.

Removing Smelly Air

There are times your air conditioner may produce a foul odor either in your office or home, mainly because of dirt, bacteria or mold accumulating. If you notice that your unit is emitting an unpleasant odor, you need to have a professional technician service it and take care of that smell.

Global Warming

Air conditioners are likely to release artificial greenhouse gases and HFCs into the environment when there are problems such as a refrigerant leakage. These gases are harmful to the environment and contribute to global warming. Without regular servicing it is hard to tell if there is even a refrigerant leakage problem. When it undergoes servicing, the technician would deal with this problem by recycling those gases from the machine.

Complying with the Manufacturer’s Warranty Conditions

There are different warranty conditions provided by different air conditioning manufacturers. For a majority of them however, users are required to service their new air conditioning units regularly to keep them in great condition as a requisite for a 1 or 2 year warranty. Hence, if you do not want to void the manufacturer’s warranty when the need arises, it is prudent to have your aircon serviced accordingly.

When should an air conditioner be serviced?

Expert air conditioning technicians suggest that people ought to have their air conditioning units checked and serviced at least once in a year. This is widely recommended for air conditioners that are used within residential units.

For business owners and public spaces who heavily use their air conditioners however, it is advisable to check and service them at least every four months within the year, i.e. a minimum of thrice a year.

You should also be ready to call in a technician to service your air conditioner when you hear an awkward noise from it or when it stops blowing cool air for instance.

While it is generally appropriate to service air conditioning units a few times in a year, the servicing frequency should also largely depend on a number of factors. These factors may include the temperature, the environment, the type or frequency of usage, as well as the lifespan of the unit.

How much is air conditioner servicing in Singapore?

air conditioner servicing costs in Singapore

In servicing an air conditioner, one thing that cannot be overlooked when booking an appointment especially in Singapore is the price. The type of service you would like to be rendered to your unit will directly determine the amount that is likely to be charged.

For general air conditioner servicing however, the prices usually range between S$35 and S$60 for a single unit. Again, prices may differ based on certain factors such as the type of air conditioner, the number of fan coil units, among others.

In the event where your air conditioner needs to be chemically washed to get rid of clogs, you should budget about S$80 to S$150 for one unit.

A deeper wash and more thorough cleaning will require that you get a chemical overhaul. For a full chemical overhaul for a single air conditioning unit, one should expect to pay between S$130 and S$200.

Services offered by most companies include the following:

  • general servicing
  • indoor aircon repair
  • chemical wash
  • gas top up
  • chemical overhaul
  • outdoor unit servicing

The three main types of services however include the regular maintenance and repair, chemical wash and chemical overhaul.

Regular Maintenance/ Ad-hoc servicing price (One-Time)

This price is mostly dependent on the number of units that need to be cleaned and how deep the cleaning will be. This service can either be engaged on a scheduled or contracted basis for maintenance as well as a one-time cleaning option.

The list below will give you a better view at what the general prices of servicing an air conditioner in Singapore are.

Number of UnitsPrices
1 Unit (with a condenser)                            $40 -$60
2 Units (with condenser)                             $45- $65  
3 Units (with Condenser)                              $60- $80
4 Units (with condenser)                               $70- $90
5 Units (with condenser)                             $80 -$120  
6 or more Units (with condenser)              $16 – $20 per unit  
Number of fan coils                                                  Prices
1                                                                   $25-$45  
2                                                               $50-$70
3 $70- $100  
4                                                                    $80- $120
5                                                                   $120- $160  
6 or more                                                     $16 – $20 for each coil
Contractual Maintenance Prices

In this type of arrangement, the individual pays the technician or servicing company in advance to service their units. It is usually paid upfront for at least a year’s service which will be carried out quarterly. The contract often includes checking the air conditioner’s performance, clearing drainage piping, as well as cleaning the outdoor condenser and indoor fan coil. Below are the price ranges from this kind of service in Singapore.

Number of Units                                                      Price (Quarterly)
1 Unit (c/w Condenser)                                           $120 – $150
2 Unit (c/w Condenser)                                         $180- $220  
3 Units (c/w Condenser)                                           $220 – $260
4 Units (c/w Condenser)                                         $280- $320  
5 Units (c/w Condenser)                                           $320 – $400
6 Units (c/w Condenser)                                           $350 – $450
Chemical Wash Pricing

To remove stubborn stains in areas where self-servicing cannot deal with, professional technicians may need to use a chemical wash to solve such issues. It is prudent to have your air-conditioner chemically washed at least once a year to prevent and remove hard-stuck stains in the system. Chemical washing also ensures that you have a cleaner system, which will result in your air con producing much cleaner air while its efficiency is also well maintained. The prices for chemical washing in Singapore are listed below.

Number of Units                                                     Price
1 Fan Coil                                                                $75- $95  
2 Fan Coils                                                                  $140- $180
3 Fan Coils                                                                 $200- $260
4 Fan Coils                                                                  $260- $320
5 Fan Coils                                                                  $320- $380
6 or more Fan Coils                                                 $55- $70 for each  

Cleaning Type                                                           Price
Chemical Wash (Non-Dismantle) for 1 Unit                  $80-$120
Chemical Wash (Dismantle) for 1 Unit                           $130- $200
Chemical Overhaul Prices

Air conditioner systems that require a more thorough cleaning than a chemical wash or regular servicing provides the need to undergo chemical overhauls. Here, the whole unit is dismantled and thoroughly cleaned with a chemical wash.

This process will get rid of all the grime and jelly stuck in the water tray. The prices for chemical overhauls are more expensive than a chemical wash particularly due to the kind of expertise needed and the amount of time that will be invested. Check out the price ranges in Singapore below.

Number of Units                                                           Rates
1 Fan Coil                                                                       $120- $180
2 Fan Coils                                                                        $250- $320
3 Fan Coils                                                                      $350-$430  
4 Fan Coils                                                                        $430- $530
5 Fan Coils                                                                        $500- $600
6 or more                                                                        $90- $120 for each coil  
Pricing for Topping Up Gas

After some years of using your air-conditioning system, the refrigerant level becomes lower especially because of leakages. In these cases, a professional technician needs to render a gas top-up service in order to restore the working performance of the air conditioner. In Singapore, the price for the R22 Gas typically ranges from $30 to $80, whereas the price for topping up with R410A Gas usually falls between $60 and $150.

Since there are a variety of companies offering these same services, their rates may differ widely. It is therefore important that you first make an enquiry about their rates before booking an appointment with either of them.

List of Top Air Conditioner Servicing Companies in Singapore

Below are some of the well-known companies in Singapore that offer servicing for air conditioners:

Aircon Servicing Singapore

Aircon Servicing Singapore is committed to offering quality care to its clients in the area of properly maintaining their air conditioning units. Having gained at least a decade of experience in repairing and maintenance, this company has some of the best technicians in the country.

You will find their 30-day workmanship warranty extremely valuable in catering for any issues that may occur after they have serviced your unit. The warranty includes problems such as coil breakage and compressor issues among others. Their all-round aircon services are trusted by top brands including Aston Martin, LG and Cotton On. To gain access, one needs to book an appointment with this company as they do not offer same-day repair or installation services.

Absolute Aircon Pte Ltd

This Singaporean company is noted for its array of services which covers air conditioner installations, maintenance and repairs. They are well appreciated by their clients for sticking to employing only professionals who have received the right training and licensing to carry out their services. This is particularly evident in their belief that clients deserve the best of professional services at a reasonable yet affordable rate.

They offer a 30-day workmanship warranty for general air con servicing, a 60-day workmanship warranty for chemical washing, a 90-day workmanship warranty for chemical overhauls and a 30 day warranty when they replace parts of your air-conditioning unit. Their affordable service packages are also backed by a 24/7 hotline available to each client. Absolute Aircon Pte Ltd also gives clients the opportunity to opt for a yearly contract maintenance package.

DW Aircon

DW Aircon specializes in aircon servicing for residential and commercial settings. Tagged as one of the veteran service companies in Singapore, they have offered high standard installation, repairs and maintenance services for major trusted brands in the country.

For more than a decade, this company has maintained its reputation by using the latest aircon servicing technologies in fulfilling the varying needs of all their clients. They are also known to offer cheap prices for quality services. A look at the company’s website could easily set you up for a promo or discount on their services.  Clients are often left satisfied with their affordable rates and 30-day workmanship warranty for all maintenance services.


Cleanworthy is one of the best companies to look out for in Singapore when it comes to contract cleaning services. Over the years, they have built a large clientele satisfied with the cleaning solutions they offer. When it comes to regularly keeping your home, office space or store clean, this company is one of the best in Singapore.

Their aircon servicing packages include a variety of services in addition to painting as well as polishing services. They pride themselves in an easy, convenient and transparent booking system that favors and keeps clients coming for more. The only drawback is that they offer less aircon related services as compared to the companies that fully focus on aircon repairs.

Purer Fresher Air- Aircon SG

If you’re searching for a company that provides affordable commercial as well as large-scale air conditioning services, then Purer Fresher Air is likely your best bet. Established in 2001, this company has been catering to residential, commercial, condominiums as well as government projects.

They have been certified by the Building and Construction Authority in Singapore, and possess a team of experts who have at least 6 to 10 years of aircon repair experience. Purer Fresher Air is commended by clients for upholding honesty, integrity and transparency in their services, evident in their full pricing list available on the company’s website. They also provide an unmatched 100-day workmanship warranty in case there are water leaks or failures.

Aircon Service

This air conditioner servicing company has also proven to be among Singapore’s finest with more than a decade of industry experience. They are noted for maintaining systems for industrial and commercial clients on a variety of trusted aircon brands.

Their 24/7 hotline is super effective in that with just a phone call, you can have access to a well-trained team of professionals willing to perform an array of services ranging from installation to aircon troubleshooting. They also offer a 90-day workmanship warranty. 

Maxicool Services

This Singaporean company is ideal for rendering a full range of aircon maintenance services, specifically blower removal services. With more than 15 years of industry experience, Maxicool is focused on building long-term relationships with their clients and ensuring that the units they work on can reach maximum capacity.

They have mastered the art of providing blower removal cleaning services, while setting themselves apart from their competitors by giving clients a free online diagnosis. Their customer-centric approach is not only evident in the way they carry out their services, but in the way they freely educate customers on air-conditioning systems. 


Newway happens to be one of the most popular air conditioner servicing companies in Singapore. Since their establishment in 1987, they have received several awards for their top-notch services and unmatched level of expertise in the industry.

Noted for providing the best of customer experience, Newway only employs the latest technologies and methods, while utilizing licensed, well-trained and skilled professionals in carrying out their services. They are also loved by clients for their 30-day and 90-day workmanship warranties. 

Xool Aircon Experts

Xool Aircon Experts have earned clients respect over the years for their instant and convenient online booking and payment system. You can hardly forget an appointment with this company because they have put in place automated SMS reminders and emails for that purpose.

The company offers a wide range of aircon services with a full price list shared on their website to promote transparency. Clients are always left satisfied with the kind of quality services they provide and it doesn’t end there. This company ensures that they leave their customer’s houses or office spaces in good shape by offering an after-service clean-up. 

Mastercool Aircon Service Singapore

For proper repair and maintenance service for your air-conditioning units, Mastercool Aircon services delivers on its promise by providing the best to its Singaporean client base.

The company specializes in carrying out chemical washes and chemical overhauls by using the most proven and latest technologies, techniques and chemicals to achieve the best results. Their customer-oriented services, instant online booking system and after service clean-up  makes them a great choice when it comes to air conditioner maintenance services. 

Oasis Aircon

In the Singapore aircon servicing industry, Oasis Aircon is widely recognized. The company is famed for providing high quality services to government agencies as well as some Fortune 500 companies.

They are recommended for always sending out highly skilled professionals in delivering their service for all manner of clients. To top it off, the company is committed to safety by providing a public liability insurance which covers up to S$1,000,000. They also provide a 30-day workmanship warranty as well as follow up services. 

Wei Wei Air-Con Engineering

With at least 20 years of industry experience, Wei Wei Air-Con Engineering has maintained its reputation for providing high quality services to its commercial, industrial, and residential client base.

They possess a team of experienced technicians who can service any aircon type or brand in Singapore. Over the years, they have acquired a track record of satisfied customers through providing a full range of aircon services to all kinds of clients in Singapore.



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